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0-2 year olds

Recently in childcare, the babies have loved singing songs, dancing and making music with the instruments. Babies have especially loved 5 Little Duck, wind the bobbin up and wheels on the bus. We love to have a boogie in childcare :)

Making music... March 2017

Practicing our standing/walking skills... March 2017

Happy Mothers Day 23rd March 2017

Happy Easter :) April 2017

Welcome Back Babies :) WC 24-4-17

Happy Birthday Gruffalo :) ... 27th April 2017

Physical - Timber Trail, P.E with Mr Shaw and Little Dribblers...May 2017

Playing hide and seek with the sacking cups..."Where's it at...there it is"...WC 15th May 2017

Exploring the school grounds... 22nd May 2017

Welcome Back Babies...5th June 2017... Mark Making

Little Dribblers & Timber Trails ... 9th June 2017