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0-2 year olds

Our 0-2 year olds are busy every day, learning, exploring and having lots of fun! We have recently opened a new Sensory Room, where we can take the babies every morning to explore! The babies enjoy taking part in lots of messy activities, such as making playdough, baking, painting, gluing and sticking and drawing lovely pictures to take home with their parents! They explore the room freely and are constantly exploring the new resources and activities in the room! Have a look below for some of the fun activities, trips and special days that we take part in! 
The babies have enjoyed exploring ice in the Artic Animal tuff spot this week, following our Winter theme, so today we thought that we could explore ice in a different way, with paint! The babies watched in amazement as I moved the ice around the paper, showing them that it made marks, they then got their hands stuck straight in, watching as the ice melted and telling me that it was 'cold'! We made some lovely pictures!
Today we have been making some moon sand! The babies explored the different ingredients, using their hands to feel the different textures, using a spoon to mix the ingredients together and try to use our words to say the names of the ingredients. Once the ingredients were all mixed together, we put the moon sand in a green tray and started to explore it with our hands! We used our fingers at first to tentatively feel this new texture and once we were used to it we were sticking our whole hands in! We enjoyed watching the moon sand slowly turn back to liquid as I held it up high and even tried to catch it as it fell from above! We also noticed that we could leave marks in the sand if we pushed our hands and fingers down into it, leaving a hand print!

Artic Animals!

During our first week back after the Christmas holidays, the babies have had lots of fun exploring the artic animals and ice in the tuff spot! We have been learning about "Winter", talking about the cold weather, snow and the animals, so we froze some water in bowls and cups and put them in a tuff spot with artic animals. The babies were fascinated by the ice, jumping away from it at first as they touched it and felt how cold it was and then they held it in their hands, watching as it melted! They enjoyed splashing in the water that the ice created after melting and had lots of fun with the animals! 
Today Charlotte, Emma, Annabel and Oliver were lucky enough to come to our Christmas Party and they had so much fun! We started to dance as soon as the music came on, enjoying the music and showing how excited they were. We also had a bubble machine, Emma had lots of fun exploring this, dancing right next to the machine so that she could pop the bubbles as she danced! We also played some party games, the babies all enjoyed taking part in "Pass the Parcel" and "Pin the Ear on the Elf". We also had a little treat, watching "Peppa Pig" while we ate our snack and milk on the carpet. Everyone had a lovely time at the party!
Today in P.E we have been exploring the parachute! The babies had so much fun! We sang 'row, row, row your boat', which is the children's favourite song and we moved the parachute back and forth and side to side as we sang the song. We also sang 'Where are the children?' and the children hid underneath the parachute, there was lots of laughing and giggling! 
Over the past couple of weeks we have been doing lots of messy Christmas activities! We have been mark making with our hands and cars in glittery paint, the children loved using their hands or a different object other than a brush to make marks and get messy! We have been mark-making in shaving foam outside and inside, using our fingers to make marks and trying to draw snowmen! We have been painting snowmen on the table with our hands, using red and white paint! 

Fun in the Sandpit!

Today we have been to the sandpit to explore! It was very very cold, but we wrapped up in our waterproofs, coats and wellingtons and went to build some sandcastles! We had so much fun, digging in the sand, filling buckets up and exploring the sand with our hands! We built lots of sandcastles and had more fun knocking them down!
Friday 23rd November, we had a morning out of the setting and went to the park! The babies had so much fun! They did so well, walking the whole way there even though it was quite far for their little legs! They could not wait to explore the Jeep, swings, slide, round about and they were busy all morning and did not want to leave! We will have to visit again soon! 
The babies were very excited to take part in our Early Years Forest School Day, where we looked and talked about fire! We got wrapped up in our waterproofs and wellingtons and headed outside for a day full of exploring! We got very messy doing firework pictures, using glue to stick leaves, twigs and sawdust to paper to make our bonfire and then painting our fire on the top with twigs dipped into illuminous paint! We then made firework pictures with toilet rolls, dipping them into the paint and then stamping them on the page! We sat and watched our little fire in amazement and had a taste of the tasty treats that we cooked on the fire, including; chocolate bananas, cheese and tomato wraps and marshmallows! We had such a great day exploring the outdoors!