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2-3 year olds

Our 2-3s enjoy taking part in lots of activities throughout their day at Childcare! They do baking, make playdough, build with blocks, go to P.E, inset puzzles, read stories and so much more! Take a look at some of the different things we have been doing lately! 



Today we have had a visit from the farm! We got wrapped up nice and warm to go outside because it was very cold and then we headed off out to see what animals had come to visit us! We went to the hut to see the ladies who had brought the animals in, and they showed us what the animals eat and sleep on (hay and straw) and asked us if we knew what they were. They also showed us three different kinds of eggs, a chicken egg; a duck egg and a goose egg and asked us if we knew what birds they came from! We then got a special surprise as they got Snowdrop the chicken out of the cage to show us! We all had a stroke and were very excited to see a chicken, especially when he was put down on the floor to walk around and see us! We were then introduced to Flopsy the rabbit and Sugar the guinea pig and also had a stroke of them! Then, a much bigger animal was brought into the hut for us to meet, a goat! We were all given a brush and went over to brush the goats back and we even fed him some pellets, we were all so brave! We then went outside to see the sheep, geese and ducks that were in a pen and said hello! We all had such a lovely time and didn't want to leave the animals!
Today we have been writing numbers in glitter! We had a tray full of green glitter (grass) and some cows, I added a cow to the grass and asked the children "How many cows is in our grass?" and the children counted the cows. I then drew the number in the glitter using a brush and gave a brush to the children to see if they could draw the number too and they all had such a good go! We all did so well counting the animals and trying to write the different numbers and had fun making-marks in glitter too! 

Painting with Cars!

Today we have been making marks with cars! We taped paint brushes to some cars, dipped the cars into the paint and then started to draw some lovely pictures! We pushed the cars around the paper on the table and tried to draw a road with the cars, we even painted some shapes like circles! We had lots of fun exploring different ways to make marks and getting messy with paint and introduced some new language to our play, such as the different colours of paint, shapes and what they were drawing. 


Painting with Ice

Today we have been painting with ice cubes! As soon as the children saw the ice cubes, they asked me "What is in there?" and one child even asked me if there was chocolate inside of the brown cubes! I said, "We are going to paint with them, watch" and they watched as I moved the ice cubes around the paper, making marks. They were amazed! They noticed that the ice was melting and when it melted, the paint started to rub off! We made some lovely pictures with the ice cubes and had a good talk about how cold they were and how they melted.
Today we have been making moon sand! The children sat and had a look at all of the different ingredients, trying to figure out what they were. They explored the ingredients with their hands to see what they all felt like and then I told them the names of the ingredients, helping them to repeat them. We then mixed the ingredients together with a spoon, sharing and taking turns and mixing very carefully! Once the ingredients were all mixed together, we explored the moon sand with our hands, talking about how it was "cold" and "slippy" because it turned from a solid into a liquid once we handled it! We all had lots of fun making the moon sand and getting messy! 

Categorising and sorting shapes

During our first week back after the Christmas holidays, we have been categorising and sorting shapes! The children really enjoyed talking about the different shapes, learning the different names and the colours and categorising them! They have been practising matching the shapes to shapes we had drawn on the tuff spot for them and categorising them by putting all of the squares, circles, rectangles and triangles together in a corner. 

Christmas Party!

Messy Christmas Activities!

Over the past couple of weeks we have been doing lots of messy activities for Christmas! We have been making marks in shaving foam outside, trying to draw different things like snowmen, shapes and numbers! We have been using cars and our hands to mark make with glittery paint on the table, and our hands with red and white paint to draw snowmen on the table! We have been painting Christmas stockings and a snowman for our wall!  

We all went on a trip to the Park last week! We did so well holding a partners hand and walked the whole way there! We enjoyed exploring the slide and climbing frame, climbing up the steps and sliding down. The children also loved the ride on round a bout, they liked to go very fast and Fiona had a busy job keep pushing them round and round! We all had a turn on the swings and went super high! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, not wanting to leave and the children have already been asking to go back to the park! 




All the children take part in PE twice a week. The children have recently being learning to balance, throw beanbags into hoops and use larger apparatus. They all love going down to the P.E hall to see Mr.Shaw and enjoy running around, letting loose and having fun with their friends! We have different activities planned every week for the children to help with their development and to ensure they have something new to explore and take part in every session! 

We love being outside!

We go for a lot of walks outside, exploring the setting and off the setting. Today we have been for a walk around the woods opposite Childcare. We explored the leaves that had fallen off the trees, picking them up and talking about the different sizes and colours and why they were on the floor instead of the trees! We also listened to the different sounds that we could hear as we were walking around, listening for cars and other vehicles and different animals. We heard a few birds and even saw them flying in the sky! The children love being outside.