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2-3 year olds

Our 2-3s have really enjoyed joining in with cooking, messy play small world, inset puzzles and building the train track


During PE we have enjoyed moving our bodies and dancing to a variety of different types of cultural music and added ribbons to move around with.

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PE September to November 2017

All the children take part in PE twice a week. The children have recently being learning to balance, throw beanbags into hoops and use Larger apparatus. 

Forest school September to November 2017.

Everyone in the O to 5 setting takes part in forest school Wednesday afternoons. Recently we have listened to a couple of pages each week about the stick man and took part in making sand castles, a wand and a stick man which relates to the book. We also explore the woods, look for bugs, go under Dens and play in the mud kitchen. We sometimes watch the fire be lit and sit around having marshmallows and hot chocolate.