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Welcome to Catchgate Primary School 0 - 5 Early Years Provision!

May 2019 Newsletter!

Please take a look at our April 2019 Newsletter where you can find important messages, dates and see all of the fun things your child has been up to this month! 

Suggestion and comment box

In our main entrance we have a post box that the children have made where we would love to receive your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to take a slip and post us a little note!


Here are some of our comments we have already received.


 " Staff always welcoming and very helpful ! "


" I love the change I layout of the room and how friendly the staff are. "


" BRILLIANT ! would not want to use and where else "


" we love what you have done with the new room in the last few weeks it looks spacious and fun ! "


" Really pleased with the progress Leo's making. The girls go above and beyond to support him."


" We love the extra activities you provide such as going to PE with Mr Shaw and Lingo Tots.  "


" Jake loves coming to childcare, they all spend a lot of time with him to help his speech and development. "


" My children are always very happy to come to childcare a reflection on a lovely facility."


Throughout stages of the year we send out Parent and Carer Questionnaire's so that we can find out our strengths and what we can work on from parents and carers. 


100% of parents strongly agreed that: Children show high levels of curiosity, imagination and concentration, Children form secure attachments with practitioners, They are developing their independence and confidence. Emotionally children are well prepared for the next stages in learning, There are lots of opportunities for transition with Nursery and school. There is a sharp focus on children acquiring communication and language skills, Children are supported in their physical, personal, social and emotional development, Parents are engaged in their children’s learning and regularly complete communication books at home and Parents are encouraged to share information from home. 

86% of parents strongly agreed that: The setting provides a highly stimulating environment, There are a wide range of activities on offer, There are high standards of care and hygiene practice, Children are developing a positive sense of themselves and their place in the world, There is exceptionally positive behaviour from the children, Children’s welfare and personal development are central to everything practitioners do, Children are shown how to keep themselves safe and healthy, There are a range of experiences to teach children the language of feelings, Teaching is of a consistently high standard, Learning Journals are of a high standard and accurately reflect the development of my child, Learning Journals include high quality observations, Senior staff within the setting are helpful and approachable, Staff in the school office are helpful and approachable, The Manager seeks, evaluates and acts on views of parents, Children are exceptionally well prepared to move on, Highly effective partnership working leads to improvement in provision and outcomes, Promotion of equality, diversity and British Values is at the heart of the setting’s work, Safeguarding and welfare meet statutory requirements, Children are listened to and feel safe and Parent workshops are well organised and vary in their content. 


We appreciate all comments that are left by parents about the setting. Here are some of the lovely comments we received: 

"Positive outcomes in communication and development as well as better and more relaxed around other kids.  Start is great."

"I couldn’t ask for a better setting while I attend University.  I know my son loves his days with you and has brought him on a lot in every area."

"My children have come on so well with confidence and communication.  Thank you girls."

"We are over the moon with staff and the environment they provide for my son’s continuing early learning."

"The staff have been really supportive of ‘mummy’ feelings when having to leave a child. Learning journals contain a massive wealth of information, more than I’d expect to see.  Most of all we are confident that my daughter is well cared for and supported in developing her identity, personality and to manage her emotions."

"We are happy with my daughter’s development; she enjoys going to nursery mostly and is showing improvements physically and mentally.  She often picks up illnesses and whilst I believe staff try their best it does cause issues with sleep and care for other child.  Possible review policy for sick children being left at nursery causing other children to catch these illnesses."


Our topic and theme for this term is "Farm Animals"



Activities throughout March and April 2019



Over the Spring term

we will be looking at Farm Animals, looking at all of the different animals and we will even be having a visit from the Farm on Thursday 7th March, where we will be introduced to all of the different animals!

On Friday 22nd March we will be having a Read with Adults day, where all parents and family are welcomed into the setting to read with the children, or you can send your child's favourite book in with them for us to read!

We will be celebrating Mother's Day throughout the week commencing 25th March, talking about Mother's Day and doing different activities. We will also have a Mother's Day workshop on Friday 29th March, for everyone to come in and take part in lots of different Mother's Day activities, doing crafts, getting messy and watching your child pay! There is a small charge of £1 per person, but everyone is welcome! 


Throughout the end of the term, we will be talking about Easter, to get us ready for our Easter Holidays and our Easter workshop when we come back on Tuesday 23rd April! 


Outdoors we are going to explore the school grounds for Forest schools, and learn about different boundaries whilst we are around the school. 

In the outdoors we will be exploring natural materials such as twigs, pine cones and logs. 

In our creative area we will be exploring play dough, slime, gloop and other messy resources. 

Songs and story time

Duck in the Truck

A squash and a Squeeze




Our songs

Five Little Ducks

Old McDonald





General information

As the weather is turning cold could parents please take current weather conditions  into consideration and pack suitable clothing. Could you also ensure that children have at least two spare pairs of clothes and have coats with them. We also would ask that clothing is old and not brand new as children do get messy even with waterproofs and aprons on.


If your child is going to be absent from the setting it would be greatly appreciated that the setting is informed as soon as possible that they aren't going to be in setting and also how long they are expected to be absent.


A gentle reminder that the setting opens 8 am and closes at 5pm, could parents and carers please inform childcare staff if there is a change to people collecting their child/children. 

If you need extra childcare sessions please can you see Abby and at least two weeks notice is needed. 

Can we please ask that food is not brought into the setting with out checking with Abby as we do have children with allergies thank you!


Coming up

Read with Adults 2:30-3:30pm




Safeguarding of all our children is very important at Catchgate Primary School.

Please take time to click on the link below to look at the whole school policies on safeguarding.


Contact Form

Please complete the form below for any information, questions or queries you may have about our childcare and wrap around provision. Mrs Bambridge, School Business Manager, will respond to your e-mail. Thank you.

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