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Eco-Warriors are pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 who have an active role in school. They raise our awareness about sustainability and encourage everyone to be good at recycling and saving energy. We encourage good habits for the future.


They actively promote:-


  • Paper and card
  • Batteries
  • Textiles
  • Printer cartridges
  • Food


Saving energy:

  • switching off lights
  • switching off ICT equipment, rather than leaving it on standby
  • Closing doors to keep heat in


Conserving energy:

  • Water saving push top taps
  • Taking care of our equipment so that it lasts well
  • Using resources in a way that minimises waste


Care for the environment

  • Encourage walking rather that using cars to travel to school.
  • Using litter bins to keep our school and local area clean
  • Designing our raised beds and Forest School tree area to be rich habitats
  • As a school we try to use local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint.
Picture 1

Paige, Alyssa and Ebony are representatives from Year 6. 

Not forgetting Eco-Penguin!

Alyssa, Paige and Ebony tell us about the aim of the Eco-warriors.

On Thursday the Eco-warriors take a look around every classroom or area to check if the area or classroom have their lights, projectors and computers off. On Friday in collective worship we give the classroom or area we feel have been the most eco-friendly throughout the week.  They are awarded Eco Penguin to keep in their class for the week.


Last week on Friday 25th November eco-penguin was awarded to year 3S.


Emma works for Oases which is part of Durham Local Authority; they keep track of our school’s energy use. We went with Emma to find out more about saving energy. We learned a lot from her. She helped us to organise our Eco-warrior’s assembly, this went really well!