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Sun Protection

Sun Protection


Over the past couple of days the weather has certainly improved for the better and the sun is starting to shine, meaning that children need to be protected from the sun.


Can we remind parents and carers that children need to have sun cream applied before they come into school. We would suggest to use a once application lotion for all day protection from the sun. Children can bring their own sun cream into school in a named plastic bag if it needs to be applied during the day, children will need to do this themselves.


In school we are taking precautions to ensure that children are safe in the sun at break and lunchtimes we have 2 large gazebos which provide shade on the yard.


During warm days it is advisable for children to remember their water bottles and to fill them up regularly so that they don’t get dehydrated during the day. Water bottles can be purchased at the school office for £1.00.


We have been talking to the whole school during assembly about how to keep safe in the sun reminding children to take off their jumpers, drink plenty of water and wear sun hats when outside to keep themselves cool.


We want to make the most out of this sunshine while it lasts but most of all we want all our children to be safe in the sunshine.