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Catchgate Primary School


PE Lessons


We provide two hours of high quality Physical Education in all classes across the school and are committed to ensuring that our staff are constantly developing their skills to do this.

We have a great team across the school; Mrs Carlyon in Reception, Mr Shaw and Sports Apprentice, Miss Mitchell throughout the school. Mr Smith and Mr Simpson look after the boys football team. Mrs Temple and Mrs Errington look after the girls netball. Mr Shaw and Mrs Hodgson look after the girls football team. Mr Shaw and Mrs Temple look after the gymnastics and Mr Shaw looks after the athletics teams.


Adventure P.E.

 Adventure P.E is an opportunity that we are offering to our Year 4 Class and both of our Year 5 Classes . We will be offering this every Friday for the whole of the school year, we will be giving the children the opportunity to try a range of outdoor sports. Paddlesports, climbing, navigation, archery, coastal activity, river exploration and underground exploration will provide a wider PE offer to include both Physical and Skills development. A link to Outdoor PE to cross curricular opportunities and liaise with subject leads to ensure learning is progressed into functional application.  

Years 3 and 4 Indoor Athletics competition


Children from years 3 and 4 took part in the Lesiureworks Indoor Athletics Festival. They finished in first place, congratulations to everyone who took part, well done!

Year 5 and 6 Indoor Athletics


Children from years 5 and 6 took part in the Level 2 Indoor Athletics competition and represented our school. They finished in third place, well done!

Football Leauge

The football league was ran by Mr Smith and Mr Simpson. They played in the Derwenside Leauge and at the half way point, they are currently lying fourth! Well Done.

Girls Football League

The Girls Football League was ran by Mr Shaw and Mrs Hodgson. The girls took part in the Derwenside Girls Football League and finished sixth! Well done.

Year 2 Football

In the Autumn Term 1, children from Y2B took part in an after school football club with Mr Shaw and Miss Mitchell. They developed their football technique, teamwork and knowledge. They had great fun!

Cross Country


We had a strong cross country team who were dedicated and trained for the upcoming races. They all tried really hard and it was some of the children's first time doing cross country, so this was an excellent experience for them. Overall, the boys finished in second place and the girls finished in fourth! Well done everyone.