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Rights Respecting Schools

Rights Respecting School Award

In June 2017 we were so proud to be awarded Level 1 Rights Respecting School Award. This is a huge achievement this means that we teach children about their rights according to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and model rights and respecting in all our relationships.

Pupils are encouraged to think about how their behaviour and actions affects others.

Fair Trade Enterprise Fair

On Friday 10th March we had a Fairtrade Enterprise Fair in school. 

This concluded Fairtrade Fortnight.  Across Fairtrade Fortnight all classes in school worked to a budget to prepare, make and sell products made from Fairtrade resources or using the Fairtrade colours.

The Fair was a success and the competition was on...

10th Place - Year 5 making £2.60 profit

9th Place - Year 1 making £12.65 profit

8th Place - Year 4A making £20.30 profit

7th Place - Year 4H making £31.15 profit

6th Place - Year 2C making £38.92 profit

5th Place - Year 3 making £44.00 profit

4th Place - Nursery making £48.60 profit

3rd Place - Reception making £51.43 profit

2nd Place - Year 6 making £69.51 profit

1st Place - Year 2B making £88.63 profit

Unfortunately 2 Year and Childcare were disqualified as they lost their receipts but they made a profit of £34.50 and £17.85.


Thank you to all who took part in making, selling and buying our Fair Trade products.

Mrs Schofield



Fairtrade Enterprise Fair

Steering Group

Our School Council act as part of our Rights Respecting Steering group along with School Governors, Mrs Schofield and Mrs Shaw.

Click on the link below to our School Council website page to have a look at the work we have already done.

Read the Convention on the Rights of the Child