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Wrap Around Care

Wrap Around Care


We provide wrap around care for children in our Early Years 2-5 setting, this includes 2 Year play and learn, Nursery and Reception. Whilst in childcare we reflect have been learning in school through play based activities.


Samantha will be working  closely with staff in school ensure there is cohesive learning throughout the school and into the childcare setting. Sharon  has taken over the responsibilities of working with wrap around children.

For wrap around key children we are working with nursery and reception to help the children working towards their next steps in learning. 


Please feel free to look at our photographs to see what we have been up to recently.  
For our Nursery Children we have been exploring what happens when we mix prime colours together. We have used play dough (blue, red and yellow) to mix them together to make (orange, purple and green). We have used number name cards to count how many mixed colours we have made created. We have been recognising number names and doing lots of counting. Through using play dough it helps support our nursery children's fine motor skills to help them hold their pencils, ready for writing their names.
We are concentrating on writing names and remembering to add our names to our special work,  In the creative area we have been working on developing our skills to use scissors cutting out. 

In childcare we are going to be working together to help prepare and cook our own light meals for tea and make some delicious cakes. The children have recently shown an interest in cooking we have made pizzas, muffins, cakes and biscuits

For Reception children we have also been exploring what happens when we mix colours together using play dough. We have used prime colours to explore what happens when they are mixed together. We have also used number cards to count how many mixed colours we have created. We have been recognising  number names and doing lots of counting. To take this activity further we have been adding and taking away to see if the numbers change. Our Reception children have also been practicing their skills on using scissors safely. They have had easy and very challenging lines to follow; for all abilities.

Exploring Mixing Colours.. March 2017

Practising Our Cutting Skills Safely ... March 2017

Happy Mothers Day ... March 2017

Happy Birthday Gruffalo :) ... 27th March 2017

Happy Easter...What comes first? The egg or the chicken?... April 2017

Welcome Back :) ... 24th Apil 2017

Physical - Timber Trail & Little Dribblers... May 2017

Creating patterns with the compare bears ...WC 15th May 2017

Welcome Back 5th May 2017.. Lots of our children went to the seaside in their week off, so we created Seaside pictures