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Wrap Around Care

Wrap Around Care


We provide wrap around care for children in our Early Years 2-5 setting, this includes 2 Year play and learn, Nursery and Reception. Whilst in childcare we reflect what children have been learning in school through play based activities.


Danielle will be working closely with staff in school to ensure there is cohesive learning throughout the school and into the childcare setting. Danielle has taken over the responsibilities of working with wrap around children while Sharon is on maternity leave from 29th October 2018.

For wrap around key children we are working with nursery and reception, to help the children working towards their next steps in learning. 


Please feel free to look at our photographs to see what we have been up to recently. 

Today we have been for a walk to the Library! We were super sensible, holding an adults hand the whole way, stopping and listening carefully for cars on the road and we were very excited to explore! We enjoyed seeing all of the different vehicles that were driving past us on the road, especially the "big lorries". When we got to the library we were lucky enough to have a lady sit and sing some different songs and rhymes with us, so we sang "Row, row row your boat" and "The Wheels on the Bus", trying to join in with the singing and actions! We then explored all of the different books and had lots of fun listening to Abby and Danielle read lots of stories! We will definitely be visiting again soon! 

Pancake day (RR Article 14)

Tuesday 5th March, we celebrated Pancake Day, the children enjoyed picking their own toppings to put on the top of their pancakes. Mason and Phoebe had every topping on their pancakes and they ate everything, the other children had a go and tried the pancakes even if they weren't too sure about them.

Park Life (RR Article 29)

Off to the park we go! Tuesday 5th March we headed off to the park to explore the different climbing equipment. The children had so much fun walking to the park and getting to go on the swings, slides and the big safari car.

Our walk to the Allotments (RR Article 31)

Tuesday 26th February, the sun was shining in the sky and we were off to the allotments to see all of the different animals and crops that people have there. The children were so excited about what we might get to see, before we headed off we had a chat about the different animals that may live in the allotments and also which ones you might find on the farm. When we were walking around the children noticed that not all of the allotments had animals on them and that a lot of them had vegetable patches. After talking about the different vegetables you could grow in the allotment the children decided that they would like their own to look after and grow. We are currently busy looking at what it takes to grow vegetables and what we would need. 

Chinese New Year (RR Article 2)

During the week of 4th February we celebrated Chinese New Year, taking part in lots of fun activities across the whole setting. On Tuesday 5th February the wrap around children were all very excited to try some Chinese food, we all did a fantastic job at trying the new food, some of the food had very strong flavours an some of the children didn't like this.

Fun in the snow! (RR Article 31)

We were so lucky to get snow last week! We were all very excited to go outdoors and explore the snow for the first time this year. The boys and girls tried to make a snowman by rolling a snow ball through the snow but it was just too soft so instead we decided to try mark making in the snow!

Exploring the outdoors (RR Article 28)

The wrap around children have shown an interest in the environment around them and have enjoyed going for walks around the school grounds. When we are out on these walks we are constantly talking about the different things we have observed from the environment i.e. plants, changes in the environment. The children were keen to offer ideas to what they thought of the objects they had found whilst out on the walk. 

My name is.... (RR Article 28)

The wrap around children have bee practising their name writing and they are getting so good at forming recognisable letters. Some of our children have shown an interest in writing their second name as well as their first. Well Done!