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Wrap Around Care

Wrap Around Care


We provide wrap around care for children in our Early Years 2-5 setting, this includes 2 Year play and learn, Nursery and Reception. Whilst in childcare we reflect what children have been learning in school through play based activities.


Karen will be working closely with staff in school ensure there is cohesive learning throughout the school and into the childcare setting. Karen has taken over the responsibilities of working with wrap around children.

For wrap around key children we are working with nursery and reception, to help the children working towards their next steps in learning. 


Please feel free to look at our photographs to see what we have been up to recently.  

In childcare we are going to be working together to help prepare and cook our own light meals for tea, and make some delicious cakes. The children have recently shown an interest in cooking, and we have made pizzas, muffins, cakes and biscuits


Exploring Outdoors


Our Wrap Around children go on many walks to explore the outdoors, during this time we explore our adventure trail, look for mini beasts and look at plants and flowers.

During our walks we sing songs and have stories linked to the outdoors, for example Stickman and Bear hunt.
We collect items on our walks and bring them back to childcare, where our learning is extended for example making large scale leaf collage's and pictures with mud and  sticks.



Whether we are going on a Bear hunt or searching for the stick man tree, our wrap around children will fill the outdoors with their imagination's and will always find something new to discover and explore. 

September to November 2017. 

The Wrap around children have spent a lot of time outdoors collecting leaves to make collages, looking under logs for bugs, balancing along lines, singing outdoors with actions and taken part in making up stories as we walk. Every time we go outdoors we find something new to explore. 

Happy Birthday Gruffalo :) ... 27th March 2017

Happy Easter...What comes first? The egg or the chicken?... April 2017

Welcome Back :) ... 24th Apil 2017

Physical - Timber Trail & Fancy Footwork. May 2017

Creating patterns with the compare bears ...WC 15th May 2017

Welcome Back 5th May 2017.. Lots of our children went to the seaside in their week off, so we created Seaside pictures