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Year 2

Year 2 Drumming

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This half term Year 2 have had three lessons with Mr Abbott. They learned how to play different beats and rhythms using a ganza, agogo and a tambourim. They had lots of fun learning how to play the instruments and even got to put on their very own performance. We are very proud of their achievements. Well done.
This half term got off to an exciting start. The children got to create their very own passports and boarding passes to allow them to jet off on an adventure! The children got to watch the pre-flight safety guidance videos and then continued to their final destination for ice creams!

Summer 2 - Where Will We Go?


In our final half-term of the school year we will be learning about various aspects of travel. Have a look at the topic web below to find out more information.

Summer 1 - Who am I?


This half-term we will be looking at plants as our topic is science based. Here is our topic web for further information as to what the children will be learning.

Winter Music

In our music lessons we have been practising composing our own music. We were inspired by a picture of different winter weathers. The rest of our class had to guess which picture we had composed our music for. Can you guess what weather our music portrays

Winter Music

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The children composed their own music based on a picture of different winter weathers.

Group 2

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Group 3

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Group 4

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Group 5

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Spring 2 - What really happened once upon a time?


This half term we will be finding out what really happened once upon a time linking to the story 'The Three Little Pigs'. Take a look at our topic web to find out more about what our children will be learning over the next six weeks.  

On Friday 27th February Key Stage 1 visited Woodhorn Museum in Ashington. We had lots of fun learning about life down the mine and about the village around the miners. The children had a chance to go through a tunnel that is purpose built to replicate the size of the mines. The children also got a tour of the pit and had a chance to look at the different equipment. We found out that a lot of the miners liked to draw and paint in their spare time so took part in our very own sketching activity based on one of the paintings. We also learned about the role of the miners' wives during these times. 


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From our topic "How did that happen?" looking at natural disasters, we have made a volcano using different materials! We had lots of fun watching it erupt.

Spring 1 - How did that happen?


This half-term we will be looking at past and present events in Stanley and beyond! Here is our topic web for further information as to what the children will be learning.

Starting the New Year and Term with a BANG!

KS1's Christmas Party! We had lots of fun and showed off some of our fantastic dance moves!

On the 1st December Year 2 went on a Christmas Journey and St Andrew's Church. We followed the story of Jesus' birth. We had lots of fun!

On Friday 18th November, Tracey Corderoy came in to visit us. She shared her stories with us and even taught us how to draw Slippery Sam! We had lots of fun and gave him a special Children in Need jumper!

Children In Need


On Friday 18th November, we dressed up in spots to celebrate Children In Need. We raised a total of £216.26. Thank you to everyone for your contribution!

Children In Need 2016

Y2C and Y4A got together to make friendship bracelets and meet new people as part of Friendship Week here in school. The children worked very well together and all had a smile on their faces. Just what we wanted to see!


Y2C have also read the story 'I want a friend' by Tony Ross. In this story it shows what it takes to be a good friend and how to help new children settle into a school. The children also joined in with the song 'What makes a good friend?' They found that a good friend is someone who is helpful, friendly, takes care of others, plays nicely, plays games and lets others join in and finally someone who talks to you.

Remembrance Day at Saltwell Park (11.11.16)

Catchgate's famous faces!

We came back from collective worship to a red carpet welcome! We then got to take part in our very own Oscar ceremony and famous faces quiz. There was even a photo opportunity for the paparazzi!




Autumn 2 - When will I be famous?


This half term our topic is all about famous people from the past and present. Here is the topic overview of the work we will be covering. Use this to support learning at home.


"Whose footprint is this?" reflction with parents

Welcome to Year 2!

Miss Burns (Y2B) and Mr Coxon (Y2C)




Our topic for Autumn 1 is 'Whose foot print is this?' This is a Science based topic. For more details see attached topic overview. Please encourage your child to do their own research into areas they are particularly interested in. Your child is welcome to bring into class anything of interest they find out about the topic.


P.E is on a Monday morning for Y2B and a Wednesday morning for Y2C. Please make sure your child has their P.E kit.
On a Friday morning your child will be taking part with Little Dribblers which is with Antony from the Sunderland Foundation of Light.


Swimming for Y2C is a Tuesday morning at 8:45am and for Y2B Wednesday morning at 8:45am. Please bring your child to the swimming pool where a member of staff will be waiting for you. If your child is at Breakfast Club, a member of staff will collect your child from the hall and walk to the swimming pool to meet the other children.

If your child can not attend swimming please let a member of staff know.


Please send book bags in every day even if your child has not finished reading their book and if your child has read their book please can you comment on what they did well and what they might need support on so we can work on this at school.


Homework and spellings are sent home every Friday. Please return homework at the latest Thursday of the following week, allowing us time to check and set the next week's homework. If homework is not brought back to school by the following Thursday, your child will be kept in at break and lunch till it is done.


If you have any questions, please leave an email at the bottom of this page to your child's class teacher and they will get back with you as soon as they can.


Thank you