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Year 2

Where Are We Going? Spring 1


Our question for Spring 1 is 'Where are we going?". This is a transport based topic looking at transport from the past and present, different modes of transport and how we use transport to travel around.


Our class text is Meerkat Mail, where we will be learning how to write our own non chronological report and apply this into other subjects including Science and Geography about particular countries.


You may choose to do some extra work around the subjects mentioned to support your child at home.

Pumpkin Soup WOW!

This term we are reading Pumpkin Soup. We tried lots of different soups and voted which one we liked best. We looked at the ingredients and how to make soup! We liked tomato soup the best, followed by chicken soup then vegetable soup.

“It didn’t look nice, but tasted delicious!”

“I am going to ask for some soup for my tea!”

“I wonder what vegetables are in this soup.”

What was your favourite soup and why?

Is Fire Always Bad? Autumn 2


Our question for Autumn 2 is 'Is Fire Always Bad?". This  is a history based topic looking at Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot; The Great Fire of London and comparing this to the fire in Stanley, and looking at more modern history-Grenfell Towers fire.


Our class text is Pumpkin Soup, where we will be learning how to write our own set of instructions and apply this into other subjects including Design and Technology where children will be given the chance to make their own soup, following their own instructions.


You may choose to do some extra work around the subjects mentioned to support your child at home.

Welcome to Year 2!

Miss Burns and Mrs Hodgson (Y2B)


Our topic for Autumn 1 is 'Whose footprint is this?'. This is a Science based topic, linking with our class text which is 'Gorilla'. For more details see attached topic overview. Please encourage your child to do their own research into areas they are particularly interested in. Your child is welcome to bring into class anything of interest they find out about the topic.


P.E is on a Monday morning for Y2B. Please make sure your child has their P.E kit which includes a red top, black shorts and plimsoles.

Swimming is every Tuesday morning at 8:45am. Please bring your child to the swimming pool where a member of staff will be waiting for you. If your child is at Breakfast Club, a member of staff will collect your child from the hall and walk to the swimming pool to meet the other children.

If your child can not attend swimming please let a member of staff know.


Please send book bags in every day even if your child has not finished reading their book and if your child has read their book, please can you comment on what they did well and what they might need support on so we can work on this at school. Whilst listening to your children read, it is important to ask them questions about the text to show their understanding of what they have read.


Homework and spellings are sent home every Thursday. Please return homework on the following Wednesday. This will allow us time to check and set the following week's homework. If homework is not brought back to school, your child will be kept in at break and lunch till it is done.


If you have any questions, please leave an email at the bottom of this page and I will get back with you as soon as they can.


Thank you