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Transition Week (Friendship Play Part 1)

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Transition Week (Friendship Play Part 2)

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Transition Week (Friendship Play Part 3)

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Transition Week (Friendship Play Part 4)

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Transition Week (Friendship Play Part 5)

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Transition Week (Friendship Play Part 6)

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Transition Week (Friendship Play Part 7)

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'Why is Stanley the best place in the world to live?'

After the holidays we are starting our new topic. Any research that children would like to do about their local area, or any famous faces from the area, would be a great start to the topic.


As always PE is on a Monday and adventure PE is on a Friday. Homework goes out on a Monday and children have a week to complete this. Spelling tests will be completed on Thursdays.


On Friday 10th March, Cara and Luke visited the Durham Learning Centre for an RE Conference. 


In the first session, we heard from Wendy and Sharon, representing Buddhism and Church of the Latter Day Saints.

Cara learned through a question that there are different denominations of Buddhism (like there are in Christianity), not all of which celebrate the same festivals. 

Luke learned that the Church of the Latter Day Saints is a version of Christianity called Mormons. They celebrate Easter and Christmas, but don't take part in lent. 


In our second session we heard from Ruth Sansom, representing Christianity. Her beliefs are all about how we can help each other and although bad things happen, God doesn't want this to happen and good things can come from it and we can improve. She believes that Jesus died so we can all have good lives and that we learn how to live with love. 

Luke asked what the most important value is from her faith is. Ruth replied, "Love. There is a famous passage in 1 Corinthians 13, which discusses love underpinning everything. It can be hard to define because we can fall out, but love is deeper than all of that." 

Cara was surprised with Ruth's answer, expecting her to answer with respect. 


In session 3, we heard from Kirtida Richardson, representing Hinduism. Hinduism is all about caring. They care for nature, the environment and other people. She wears a Tilak on her head for Krishna, but different denominations of Hinduism have different Tilaks. This is like being christened with a cross in a baptism. Hindus believe in a Supreme Leader and meditate every day. She showed us her meditation beads with 108 beads on it. Luke asked if this was special - we were told that it was a special number.

Cara asked if there were any festivals they celebrate. Kirtida told her that there are many, with a festival called Holi this week - this festival is where they throw colours at each other. 

Kirtida demonstrated how her meditation works and how she uses the beads. See the photo in the selection below!

Cara asked if there were any main books they followed. We were told about a few different books, some with stories and some which are more 'thinking' books - these are very important. We then played a game from one of the stories - which resulted in us pointing at different body parts. When asked to point at ourselves, everyone pointed at their heart. This is very important. See the game in photos below! 


All of our speakers have spoken about how their faith has given them strength and improved them as people. They have all had doubt, questioning events, but have all gained belief from the impact of faith on their lives to know that they are all doing the right thing in their life. They all spoke about the difficulties in sharing their beliefs with people who don't believe themselves. 

Kirtida showing us a chant at the RE conference!

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Speakers at RE Conference

'That History Bloke'


During this half term year 5 have been learning about the Tudor times and on 23rd November we had a very special visit from King Henry VIII. Throughout the afternoon we had lots of fun learning lots of interesting (and sometimes gruesome) facts about Tudor life. We played Tudor games, had a Tudor quiz and even had a go at writing out a Tudor death warrant in the style of a Tudor monarch!

Mini Police visit to the Mosque

Mini-Police visit to decorate trees at Durham Police HQ

Adventure PE

A Typical Day in Year 5....


  Morning 1 Morning 2 Afternoon 1 Afternoon 2
Monday Maths

Power Literacy

Tuesday Maths Power Literacy Science Science
Wednesday Maths Power Literacy Hist/ Geog Art/ DT
Thursday Maths Power Literacy RE/music SEAL/MFL
Friday Adventure PE Adventure PE English Maths


Monday: Homework to be handed in and new homework to be given out (this will include: Maths, English, Independent Activity, Times tables and spellings. Spelling test will be carried out on a Thursday and children will be expected to relearn any that they got incorrect at home.














Expectations in Year 5


In year 5, there is plenty of exciting and interesting experiences already planned and even more to come, and with this many challenges to improve our learning and our growth. This means everyone needs to be raring and ready to go in September to start our year 5 adventure.

Children will start the day with some independent activities before collective worship, which are to be completed in their books. Homework will be handed out every Monday and expected back in the following Monday- this will allow year 5's the weekend to complete their work. They will have: English work, Maths work, times table to focus on and a chosen independent activity. If this is not completed then it will be completed in school time during the following week. If there are any problems with homework please contact myself, Miss Hunter or Mrs. Errington as soon as possible.

Children will need their water bottles in school for the classroom, they will also need to bring their PE kits in school on the first day ready for PE on Mondays and adventure lessons on Friday morning.

Attached is the timetable for year 5:

Non Negotiables

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Spelling Expectations Key Stage 2