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Young Carers

What is a young carer?


A young person under 18 years of age who helps to look after a family member who is disabled, physically or mentally ill or has a substance misuse problem. Caring can involve physical or emotional care, or being responsible for someone’s safety and wellbeing. The level of responsibility assumed by a young carer is often inappropriate to their age and beyond the level of simply helping out at home as part of the process of growing up.



What We Do At Catchgate Primary School

Catchgate Primary School are a Young Carers accredited school awarded by Durham County Council Family Action Team. There are 13 points on the Young Carers carter that need to met and only when this has been done are schools award accredited status. We show a great understanding of Young carers and have sufficient provisions in school to look after their needs- as these may differ from their peers. Please see the bottom of this page to see our award and all 13 points.



Young Carers Lead

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Miss Merrick is our Young carers lead who looks after our group of Young Carers, they meet weekly on a Thursday morning during collective worship. If you think you or anyone your know is a Young Carer at Catchgate School please speak to Miss Merrick or Mrs Shaw who can help.

Upcoming Trips....

To show our appreciation to our young carers and as a thank you for all they do at school and at home we would like to take them out to different places throughout the year.


 Our next trip will be on 


Friday 8th December to Empire Theatre to see Cinderella (in school time)


Take a Look At All The Fun Things We Do With Our Young Carers.....

2017 - 2018

Trip to Krazy Kingdom - 18th October 2017

2016 - 2017

Krazy Kingdom - 9th February 2017

Krazy Kingdom - 9th February 2017 1

When we went to Krazy Kingdom we were able to ride the mini bus. It was really fun to play and jump like crazy on the trampoline and in the football area. We all played dodgeball because there was really soft bouncy balls. We all had a snack at 4.00 I had blackcurrant juice and a caramel chocolate bar. At the end we all had a giant game of ball war.


Eve J



Merry Christmas Young Carers

Merry Christmas Young Carers 1

McDonalds - 7th December 2016

On Wednesday 7th December 2016,we went to McDonalds in Consett with Miss Merrick, Mrs Shaw and Mr Shaw for being in the Young Carers group. We went in Mr & Mrs Shaw’s car. When we arrived we found a table and we ordered our food ourselves, we had to wait a long time in the queue I had a cheeseburger with fries and a banana milkshake. We all got a purple furby toy in our Happy Meal and I had a chocolate orange McFlurry afterwards. After this we went to Tesco across the road and got some chocolate and sweets for the Christmas Fair. Finally, we got in the car and drove home. We all had a wonderful time!!


Morgan C

Young Carers presentation night 5th July 2016

Young Carers Policy

Young Carers Charter

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Picture 1