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Zippy and Apple Friends

Zippy and Apple Friends

Mental Health is a growing issue for young children and schools. With over half of life-long illness starting before the age of 14, early intervention and mental health promotion is vital for young children in schools today.


Zippy’s Friends (Key Stage 1) and Apple’s Friends (Key Stage 2) is a mental health promotion program that has been successful around the world.  It is preventative approach with a strong evidence base. Zippy’s Friends and Apple’s Friends help all children develop emotional resilience and a wide range of coping strategies.  Children learn through stories, role play, drawing and discussion activities. They practise and develop effective coping and social skills through stories, role-play, drawing and discussion, activities and games. Each class has a weekly time tabled session to complete, which fits in with our curriculum. 

It is an evidence-based programme that work with the whole class to promote mental health as well as supporting PSHE. School-based programmes like this are proven to help children to develop coping and social skills, improve the class climate and reduce bullying.

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