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0-2 year olds

Our 0-2 year olds are busy every day, learning, exploring and having lots of fun! We have recently opened a new Sensory Room, where we can take the babies every morning to explore! The babies enjoy taking part in lots of messy activities, such as making playdough, baking, painting, gluing and sticking and drawing lovely pictures to take home with their parents! They explore the room freely and are constantly exploring the new resources and activities in the room! Have a look below for some of the fun activities, trips and special days that we take part in! 
Today was Beach Day and we had so much fun! We all went down to the Nursery garden with Nursery and 2 Year, where there was lots of swimming pools, jugs and fun things to do in the sun! We enjoyed sitting in the swimming pool, splashing the water and having fun with our friends. We then had a water fight, using jugs and the hose to squirt each other and get wet! At the end of the morning we were very excited for the ice cream van to arrive and we all had a lovely ice cream cone to end our Beach Day! 

Jelly Bath Number Exploring

Today we have been exploring jelly bath! Our babies were a little bit unsure about the texture at first, sticking their hands in cautiously, but after playing with an adult for a while they were keen to explore! The babies used their hands to explore the new texture, rubbing it in between their hands and fingers and splashing in the tuff spot. They enjoyed playing and exploring with an adult, laughing as the adult picked up jelly bath and let it fall back into the tuff spot and on their hands. They also used their hands to dig through the jelly bath and find the numbers, bringing them to their mouths to explore. 
Today we have been categorising, using cheerios and pipe cleaners! We painted the Cheerios; red, blue and green and then found three of the same coloured pipe cleaners. The children had to try and match the different coloured Cheerios to the same coloured pipe cleaners. The children were all really good at recognising the different colours and matching them to the correct pipe cleaner! It was made a little bit more tricky because the children had to thread the Cheerios onto the pipe cleaners! They all concentrated really hard and used two hands and all managed to thread them onto the pipe cleaners!

Painting Shapes and Numbers

Today we have been painting some numbers and shapes! We had blue paint on the table and some brushes and some shapes were drawn on the table for the children to imitate and try to draw. The children all were able to draw a circle straight away, moving their hands "round and round" as they drew their shape. They also tried really hard to draw the other shapes and even copied some numbers! We were all able to draw straight lines for a number one, and then tried to draw more numbers, giving meaning to the marks that they were making. They enjoyed exploring the paint and copying the shapes that adults had drawn. 
Today we have been for a walk to the One Stop Shop in Catchgate! We all walked so sensibly, holding an older child's hand to help us and listened well to instructions, watching the roads for cars to make sure that it was safe to cross. We had so much fun when we got to the shop, picking some of our favourites fruits and new fruit and vegetables for us to try when we got back to the setting. We enjoyed taking turns to pull the basket and all had a turn either handing the money to the lady at the counter, getting the change, taking the receipt and carrying our bags full of fruit and vegetables! When we got back to the setting we had a little food tasting activity, trying the different things that we had bought. We tried, lemon, beetroot, green beans, cherries and nectarines and we were all brave enough to try everything! 

Drawing shapes and numbers

Today we have been exploring some blue jelly crystals in a tray and mark-making in it with our fingers! The children came over to explore and moved their hands in the crystals, watching as it makes marks as they move. I began by drawing a circle and asked the children, "What shape is this?" and some of them were able to tell me what shape it was! They then began to imitate the shape that had been drawn, moving their fingers round and round in a circle, drawing the perfect shape! We then began to practise drawing some simple numbers, starting with a "zero" and then a number "one". The children really enjoyed trying to draw the different shapes and numbers with an adult and looked so proud of their selves when they had succeeded! 

Bye Bye Butterflies!

Today was the day that we could finally release our butterflies and wave them goodbye after a long time of looking after them and watching them grow! The children have been watching our butterflies go for a week and were fascinated as they watched them fly around and eat their fruit. We were all very excited when it was time to release the butterflies, we took them outside when it was nice and sunny and opened the lid. Some of the butterflies did not fly away straight away, so Abby and Danielle had to pick them out of the tent! The children were absolutely amazed by this and all wanted a turn at holding the butterflies just like the adults were! We all were so brave and held the butterflies in our hands, giggling as they moved around, tickling their hands and then watching as they all flew away! We have loved watching our caterpillars grow into beautiful butterflies! 

When the Caterpillars made cocoons!

Today we came into Childcare, sat down for Welcome Time and picked up the caterpillars to see how much they had grown, like we do every day. However, today, something had changed... The Caterpillars had turned into cocoons! The children couldn't believe their eyes, they looking in amazement at what the caterpillars had turned into and some of them were shouting, "coon", telling me what had happened! We transferred the cocoons into the butterfly tent and the children can now watch excitedly to see the caterpillars emerge from their cocoons and turn into beautiful butterflies, we cant wait! 

Look at our Cress!

Today we have been looking at our cress plants that we planted a few weeks ago, at the beginning of our, “Growing”, term. We got the plants down and the children found their own plants by looking at all of the photographs on them. We then all watered our little plant and talked about how much it had grown! I told them it had grown so much because we have looked after them, giving them lots of water and sun! We were amazed by our little plants that we had grown and cant wait to take them home and make an egg and cress sandwich!

Today we had a very special delivery in Childcare today, we received some teeny tiny tadpoles to look after! Along with our Caterpillars, we now have some little tadpoles, which we will feed, look after and watch grow into little frogs! We were very excited to see the tadpoles and were fascinated as we sat and watched them swim around their little tub! We have been watching some videos about tadpoles now, to see what they grow into and how, so now we are even more excited for them to grow into frogs!

As our theme this term was growing, we decided that we would ask parents for some baby pictures of their children, so that we could all look at them and talk about how much we have all grown as well! The children loved showing each other their pictures from when they were babies and it was amazing to see how many of the children recognised each other, even though they were much smaller in the photographs! The children passed their photos around proudly and we talked about how we start off as a tiny baby and grow, learning to walk and talk and get older!


Today we have been categorising colours! We had a big caterpillar laid out on the table, with different colour body parts and then we had a big pile of different coloured blocks and reels. We had to sort the blocks and reels out, matching the different colours to the same colour body part on the caterpillar! At first we found it a little bit tricky, but after watching an adult a couple of times and realising what we needed to do, we were all able to categorise all of the blocks and reels! We even heard some of the colour names and introduced the other names to the children and some of us even tried to count the blocks and reels as we sorted them!

Caterpillar Threading

Today we have been exploring red and green coloured pasta and laces, trying to thread the pasta onto the lace and create our own "Very Hungry Caterpillar"! We used picked up a piece of pasta using a pincer grasp, and then tried really hard to thread the lace through the pasta, some of us needed help but once we had done it we were so proud of ourselves! We identified the different colours of pasta, picking up a red piece when asked and a green piece when asked and even tried to count how many pieces of pasta were going on our lace. We created some lovely Caterpillars! 

Healthy or Unhealthy?

Today we have been trying to categorise all of the food that "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" ate before he turned into a butterfly, into "Healthy" and "Unhealthy". First we had a little discussion about what food we think is "Healthy" and what food we think is "Unhealthy" and why? The older children helped us to decide that the special treats that we sometimes eat, such as; chocolate cake and sweets, are "Unhealthy" because they have too much sugar in! So after that, the younger children soon realised that all of the fruit and vegetables went in the "Healthy" circle and the treats went in the "Unhealthy" circle. We took turns selecting a piece of food and then decided which circle they went in, we did really well categorising all of the food!
As our theme this term is, "Growing", today we have been planting our own cress! We each had a clear plastic cup, a trowel and had a big bag full of compost. We used the trowels to scoop some compost into our cups, taking turns to fill our cups up. We then showed the children all of the little seeds and explained that they were called "cress seeds". They each picked a small pinch of seeds up and put them in their cups and then picked up another handful of compost up to cover our seeds. They had lots of fun exploring the mud and seeds and planting their own little plant and we are all very excited to watch them grow!

Our new Caterpillar pets!

Today we got some exciting new pets in Childcare to look after! Our theme this term has been, "Growing", so we have been reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". The children showed so much interest in our new book that we decided it would be a good idea if we had some caterpillars in the room to watch grow into butterflies! The children really enjoyed looking at our new caterpillars today, using words like "babies" to describe them because they are only small and some of the children were even able to tell me that the caterpillars would soon turn into, "butterflies". We are very excited to watch them grow! 
Today we got very messy with some full body painting! We cello taped some paper to the floor, provided plates of paint and paint brushes and let the children explore! At first we were a little bit hesitant and only wanted to get our feet and hands messy, but after painting them and seeing how they could make different prints with their hands and feet on the paper, they were soon painting their whole bodies! By the end of the activity we were absolutely covered in paint and having so much fun getting messy! 
Today we have been getting into the Easter spirit! We cut some lovely patterns into potatoes, so that they looked like Easter Eggs and then used them to print with! We had different coloured paint on plates on the table and a few different patterned potatoes to choose from. We painted the potatoes with a paint brush, or just dipped them into the paint and then pressed them down onto the paper on the table and created lots of beautiful Easter Eggs! We really enjoyed seeing the different patterns and shapes that we made with the potatoes and getting messy!

Easter Egg Categorising and Matching

Today we have been using different coloured Easter Eggs to categorise and match the different coloured pom-poms. We all did so well, saying some of the different colour names, "green", "blue", "yellow" and "pink". We were able to identify the different colours when an adult asked, "Can you find the blue pom-poms?" showing us how good we are all getting with our colours! They enjoyed using the Easter Eggs, talking about the Easter Bunny and enjoying closing them up once they were all "full". 

Today we have been making sensory shakers with natural resources! We went for a walk around the setting to collect sticks, stones, pinecones and leaves and then brought them back to make our shakers. We poured them all on the table and helped ourselves to a bottle each,. then filled them up with all of the different things we had collected. We talked about how our bottles needed, 'more' in and when they were 'full'. We then put a lid on our bottle and shook them, making lots of different sounds! 

Today we have been for a walk to the Library! We were super sensible, holding an adults hand the whole way, stopping and listening carefully for cars on the road and we were very excited to explore! We enjoyed seeing all of the different vehicles that were driving past us on the road, especially the "big lorries". When we got to the library we were lucky enough to have a lady sit and sing some different songs and rhymes with us, so we sang "Row, row row your boat" and "The Wheels on the Bus", trying to join in with the singing and actions! We then explored all of the different books and had lots of fun listening to Abby and Danielle read lots of stories! We will definitely be visiting again soon!
This week our small world tuff spot had pigs in the mud (Angel Delight), so today we decided to give all of our little Farm yard pigs a bath! We brought the water tray inside, filled it with water and bubbles and gave the children a cloth each to wash the animals. The babies enjoyed exploring the water and especially the bubbles, learning to blow them off their hands and laughing as the bubbles floated in the air! They used the cloths to clean the pigs, saying, "scrub, scrub" as we gave them all a wash. We had lots of fun playing imaginatively in the water and giving the pigs a clean! 
Today we joined together with the rest of Early Years for our Forest School Day! Our theme for this Forest School Day was 'Birds', so we listened to a lovely story about a little bird in Reception and then got busy with lots of different bird themed activities. We made a collage picture, using glue, feathers and collage paper; we made our own little paper plate bird, painting it brown and then adding a beak, wings and a tail! We went into nursery to make hides where we can watch birds from, bird feeders, and then joined together again for snack and to listen to a little video all about birds and the different birds we can find. Our babies sat lovely, watching the story and video in amazement and joined in with all the different activities, enjoying getting messy! 
Today we have been exploring some playdough and trying to make our own playdough pigs! We made some pink playdough, got pink pipe cleaners for curly tails and some googly eyes and started to make our own little creations! I made a pig first to show the children what a pig might look like, then they started to make their own, adding a head onto a ball for the body, adding eyes to their pig and then a pink curly tail! Some of our pigs had ten eyes and two tails, but they were super cute! We were all very proud of our pigs and some of us even gave them a name, one of them was "granda pig". 

Cool Counting!

Our babies have been exploring glitter and animals today! We had a tray full of green glitter that was our grass for our cows to live in. I added a cow at a time to the grass/glitter and asked the babies if we could count how many cows we had, using our fingers to point to the animals I counted with them "one...two...three" adding another animal after we said each number to continue the counting. All of the babies did so well using the different number names and showed me how well they are starting to be able to count! We then practised writing numbers in the glitter, watching as I drew a number one, two and three and then taking the brush ourselves and trying to copy what I had drawn!
Today we have had a visit from the farm! We got wrapped up nice and warm to go outside because it was very cold and then we headed off out to see what animals had come to visit us! We went to the hut to see the ladies who had brought the animals in, and they showed us what the animals eat and sleep on (hay and straw) and asked us if we knew what they were. They also showed us three different kinds of eggs, a chicken egg; a duck egg and a goose egg and asked us if we knew what birds they came from! We then got a special surprise as they got Snowdrop the chicken out of the cage to show us! We all had a stroke and were very excited to see a chicken, especially when he was put down on the floor to walk around and see us! We were then introduced to Flopsy the rabbit and Sugar the guinea pig and also had a stroke of them! Then, a much bigger animal was brought into the hut for us to meet, a goat! We were all given a brush and went over to brush the goats back and we even fed him some pellets, we were all so brave! We then went outside to see the sheep, geese and ducks that were in a pen and said hello! We all had such a lovely time and didn't want to leave the animals!

Climbing, balancing and jumping in P.E!

We have had so much fun in P.E today, climbing on the apparatus! We sat down with the older children and tried to take our shoes and socks off, just like them and we were super! We then watched Mr. Shaw as he walked around the hall, showing us what we needed to do. We started off at the tunnel, crawling all of the way through and then getting to the green balancing blocks that we had to try and walk along without falling off! We had a really good try and held an adults hand as we walked along these thin green beams, it was tricky! At the end, there was a blue bench that we had to use our legs to climb onto, we both climbed up onto the benches without needing any help and then walked along all by ourselves! Once we got to the end of all of the benches, there was a mat on the floor for us to jump onto, so we practised bending our legs ready to jump and held an adults hand as we jumped off the bench and onto the mat! We did so well climbing, balancing and jumping and were so brave!

Making scones!

Today the children helped to make some cheese scones for our tea! They saw the ingredients being rolled out on the trolley and came running over, excited! They went to wash their hands and came to the table, ready to make some scones for tea! We took turns mixing the ingredients, using the big wooden spoon and helped to pour the ingredients into the bowl! We then had a mix using our hands, taking a piece of dough each and using our hands to knead it. We separated our mixture into little balls, counting them as we placed them on a tray ready to go in the oven. We watched as the scones went in the oven to cook and looked forward to eating them all up later, they were super tasty!

Making animal masks!

Today we have been making some animal masks! We have been talking about all the different animals that we find on a farm, because of our new theme, "farm animals". The children picked their own picture, trying to say which animal they had found and then decided whether they wanted to colour the animal in, or use natural resources like hay and saw dust to fill it in, some of them even did both! The children enjoyed getting messy using the glue and exploring the natural resources with their hands, we now have lots of lovely farm animals in the setting!
Today we have been painting with animals! We dipped the animals feet into the paint, and then stamped the animals onto the paper, leaving lots of different footprints all over! We talked about the different animals, introducing their names and trying to say the sounds as we printed with them! We also played imaginatively with the animals, pretending they were eating or drinking the paint and making the animal sounds as we played. We enjoyed getting messy with the animals!
The babies have been exploring jelly with their hands today and looking for hidden numbers! They used their hands to dig through the jelly at first and once they noticed the hidden numbers, they all started looking for them and looking very happy with their selves when they found them! We introduced language of the different number names and some of the children were able to say 1-5!

Chinese New Year Food Tasting

Today was Chinese New Year, so we had a little food tasting activity, to try new foods and textures! The children did so well, trying all of these different flavours, we had; prawn crackers, spring rolls, noodles, baby corn and sweet chilli sauce! We tried all of the different foods and liked them all, although the sauce was a bit hot for us! 
The babies have been outside today, exploring the snow! As soon as they saw the snow falling through the windows, they ran to the door shouting, "snow, snow", so we got wrapped up warm and went out to explore! They explored the snow with their hands at first, to see what it was and get their hands used to the feel of it and then we went for a walk. Their friends walked up a bank with Danielle to slide back down it on their bum and a few of the babies followed suit, so we helped them up and they had lots of fun sliding down the bank on Danielle's knee! We then made snow angels, lying in the snow and moving our hands and legs to make marks and we started to make a snow man! We had so much fun outside in the snow, exploring and having fun! 

Shape Day

Today was shape day throughout Early Years, so we explored lots of different activities to do with shapes! We had a sensory tuff spot, filled with snow and shapes, for the babies to dig through and find the different shapes. We had lots of fun exploring the snow, finding the shapes and trying to say the different shape names! 
Last week we spent a lot of time building with the small coloured blocks, so this week, we enhanced that interest by adding shaving foam, building tools and large wooden blocks to a tuff spot for the children to get messy and build! The babies used the trowel's to spread shaving foam onto the blocks, just like a real life builder and then added a block on, building a tower! They had lots of fun getting messy with the shaving foam and enjoyed using the tools with their hands to spread the foam onto the blocks. We had lots of lovely big towers at the end of the day!

Painting with Cars

Today we have been exploring paint with cars! We have really enjoyed getting messy the past couple of weeks with paint, using our hands and fingers, so today we taped paint brushes to cars and made marks on the table with paint! We had lots of fun dipping the paint brushes into the paint, saying "more" when we needed more paint and driving them around the table, making marks as we went! We showed our imagination as well, making car noises as we painted!
Today we have had lots of fun getting messy with paint, using our fingers instead of brushes! We got our hands stuck straight in, exploring the feel of the paint and then started to make marks on the foil on the table. We all played together for a long time, drawing lovely pictures on the table and enjoyed using our hands, showing the adults how messy we were and laughing! 
Today we have had an indoor, sensory Gruffalo Hunt because it was a bit cold for the babies to go outside for a hunt! The babies have enjoyed listening to "The Gruffalo's Child", so we decided to hide some of the characters from the stories in different materials. The first one was corn flour, they stuck their hands in, exploring the texture and it was not long until someone had found a character, so the children then started digging, realising that there was more characters to find! We also explored sand and cornflakes, the babies particularly enjoyed the corn flake hunt as they got to have a little snack whilst finding the characters! They were all very excited when they found an animal from "The Gruffalo's Child".
The babies have enjoyed exploring ice in the Artic Animal tuff spot this week, following our Winter theme, so today we thought that we could explore ice in a different way, with paint! The babies watched in amazement as I moved the ice around the paper, showing them that it made marks, they then got their hands stuck straight in, watching as the ice melted and telling me that it was 'cold'! We made some lovely pictures!
Today we have been making some moon sand! The babies explored the different ingredients, using their hands to feel the different textures, using a spoon to mix the ingredients together and try to use our words to say the names of the ingredients. Once the ingredients were all mixed together, we put the moon sand in a green tray and started to explore it with our hands! We used our fingers at first to tentatively feel this new texture and once we were used to it we were sticking our whole hands in! We enjoyed watching the moon sand slowly turn back to liquid as I held it up high and even tried to catch it as it fell from above! We also noticed that we could leave marks in the sand if we pushed our hands and fingers down into it, leaving a hand print!

Arctic Animals!

During our first week back after the Christmas holidays, the babies have had lots of fun exploring the artic animals and ice in the tuff spot! We have been learning about "Winter", talking about the cold weather, snow and the animals, so we froze some water in bowls and cups and put them in a tuff spot with artic animals. The babies were fascinated by the ice, jumping away from it at first as they touched it and felt how cold it was and then they held it in their hands, watching as it melted! They enjoyed splashing in the water that the ice created after melting and had lots of fun with the animals! 
Today Charlotte, Emma, Annabel and Oliver were lucky enough to come to our Christmas Party and they had so much fun! We started to dance as soon as the music came on, enjoying the music and showing how excited they were. We also had a bubble machine, Emma had lots of fun exploring this, dancing right next to the machine so that she could pop the bubbles as she danced! We also played some party games, the babies all enjoyed taking part in "Pass the Parcel" and "Pin the Ear on the Elf". We also had a little treat, watching "Peppa Pig" while we ate our snack and milk on the carpet. Everyone had a lovely time at the party!
Today in P.E we have been exploring the parachute! The babies had so much fun! We sang 'row, row, row your boat', which is the children's favourite song and we moved the parachute back and forth and side to side as we sang the song. We also sang 'Where are the children?' and the children hid underneath the parachute, there was lots of laughing and giggling! 
Over the past couple of weeks we have been doing lots of messy Christmas activities! We have been mark making with our hands and cars in glittery paint, the children loved using their hands or a different object other than a brush to make marks and get messy! We have been mark-making in shaving foam outside and inside, using our fingers to make marks and trying to draw snowmen! We have been painting snowmen on the table with our hands, using red and white paint! 

Fun in the Sandpit!

Today we have been to the sandpit to explore! It was very very cold, but we wrapped up in our waterproofs, coats and wellingtons and went to build some sandcastles! We had so much fun, digging in the sand, filling buckets up and exploring the sand with our hands! We built lots of sandcastles and had more fun knocking them down!
Friday 23rd November, we had a morning out of the setting and went to the park! The babies had so much fun! They did so well, walking the whole way there even though it was quite far for their little legs! They could not wait to explore the Jeep, swings, slide, round about and they were busy all morning and did not want to leave! We will have to visit again soon! 
The babies were very excited to take part in our Early Years Forest School Day, where we looked and talked about fire! We got wrapped up in our waterproofs and wellingtons and headed outside for a day full of exploring! We got very messy doing firework pictures, using glue to stick leaves, twigs and sawdust to paper to make our bonfire and then painting our fire on the top with twigs dipped into illuminous paint! We then made firework pictures with toilet rolls, dipping them into the paint and then stamping them on the page! We sat and watched our little fire in amazement and had a taste of the tasty treats that we cooked on the fire, including; chocolate bananas, cheese and tomato wraps and marshmallows! We had such a great day exploring the outdoors!

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