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Hi everyone, Hope you are all well and safe.  I am going to list a few new activities I would like you to try at home, I hope you enjoy taking part in these and would love to hear from you if so. If you do have any feed back please feel free to email me at the address listed at the bottom of the butterfly page. Thank you! 


* Can you count all the transport you see going past your window? 

* Can you make your own vehicle using items found in your home? 

* Can you talk about road safety with your grown ups at home, and use what you have learned when out on your daily exercise? 

*Can you make an item of transport which will float in the water? 

* Act out different modes of transport using your bodies and voices to see if your grown ups can guess what mode of transport you are? 

* Use chairs and act out a journey on transport such as a plane, train you could even make some props for this too! 

* Make noises of different vehicles such as motorbike, car, police car and see if your family can guess which one you are. 

*Make a map - how do you get to setting?

*Direction and stop and go games in the garden. 


Can you choose your favourite song to sing?
Can you try and complete a inset jigsaw?
Can you place coloured items into colour order?
Can you count the bears?
Can you count the bears?
Can you choose a favourite story to listen to?
Can you draw a picture?
Can you find something messy to explore?
Can you go for a walk and talk about what you see?
Can you make your own musical instruments?
Can you find items to build with?
Can you identify these shapes?
Can you count the spots?
How are you feeling today? Discuss..