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2 Year

Welcome to the 2 Year Room


Hello, and welcome to the 2 Year room! We are part of the Early Years team, and we love having the children join us before starting their school journey at this crucial age! Our main aim is to encourage the children with us to develop their learning and life skills with us, mainly through their play. We feel this is the best way to help the children develop to their fullest potential, we help the children make sense of the world around them in an in-direct way. Through playing it helps the children to develop verbally, socially, cognitively and emotionally, to name a few. This also helps them to gain the self-confidence needed to engage in new experiences and environments throughout their lives. 


If you have any questions or queries please don’t

hesitate to speak to any of the 2 Year room staff! :)  

Meet the Staff










Hi, my name is Shelley and I am the 2 Year Lead, I have been working in Early Years for 12 years now and really enjoy it! In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and going out for food. 



Hi, my name is Abby! I have worked at Catchgate Primary school for 4 years now and have had lots of fun so far! I enjoy long walks with my dog Bella and cooking.    



Hi, my name is Katie! I started at Catchgate Primary school in September 2022 as a TA apprentice! I enjoy going out with my friends and I am currently learning to drive! 


Living in the Natural World - RRSA 29


Throughout Summer term we will be exploring the natural world around us. We will be finding out about all the different animals around the world, from the smallest to the biggest and the habitats they live in. We will be learning all about growth too, focusing on what helps us, animals and plants to grow and stay healthy also. 

Keep checking the website for updated photographs and updates on this!

Wildlife Workshop - RRSA 28


We introduced our new topic for Summer term with a visit from John Hayton from Durham Wildlife Trust, we learned all about the different types of minibeasts that we have around us and how important they are! We learned how crucial it is to look after the minibeasts as they all do very important jobs in our environment to keep it healthy and clean. We searched high and low for minibeasts and found loads, we were very careful when handling these and learnt how to hold them without causing them harm too. We all had a fabulous time! Thank you John! 

Snow Fun - RRSA 29

Mothers Day Workshop - RRSA 28


Today we invited the special women in our lives into the setting to spend time with us creating different creations together! We enjoyed spending time together in the setting and we cannot wait until the next time! 



Being Kind to Others - RRSA 29


This week we have been focusing on our history driver learning about Nelson Mandela. We learnt that Nelson Mandela wanted to live in a kinder world where everyone had the same right so we thought about different ways we can be kind to others and make people smile! We shared a variety of ways we could make people smile and we decided to make some gifts of flowers and cards and give them out to the residents who live around Oakwood Court. They were all so very grateful and really enjoyed talking to us all! I think we brightened up their day! 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt (Sensory Walk) - RRSA 28

Let's get moving! - RRSA 28

We can be a part of our community - RRSA 28

Making Marks - RSSA 28

Having fun outdoors - RRSA 29

Important dates for the diary 


Every Thursday unless specified we invite parents in to setting at 11:15am to share our Nursery Rhyme of the Week. 


Tuesday 28th March - Easter Fayre (Children only this time) 

Easter Egg Competition 

Friday 31st April - Easter theme day 

End of Term Achievement 

Last Day of Term 


Rights Respecting Schools in the Spring term!


Our school has a continued commitment to helping children learn about and understand their rights. Here are the individual rights we will be exploring across the school linking to our weekly themes. Please ask your children about these articles and speak with them about how they impact them at home too.


Whole School Theme

Article of the Week

Staying Healthy - Keeping Fit

Article 25 – review of the treatment of care

Staying Healthy - Eating Well

Article 24 – health and health services

Chinese New Year 

Article 13 – freedom of expression

Keepping Safe Online

Article 17 - access to media and information

Children's Mental Health Awareness Week

Article 39 - recovery from trauma

Friends and Family - Valentine's Day

Article 5 - parental guidance and a child's evolving capabilities.

Educate and Celebrate

Article 2 - non discrimination

Looking after the environment

Article 8 - preservation of identity

British Science Week

Article 3 - best interests of the child

International Day of Forests

Article 6 - life, survival and development


Article 14 - freedom of thought, belief and religion

2 Year Room

If you have any questions please send Shelley Nicholson an email. Thank You!

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