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2 Year

Welcome to the 2 Year Room


Hello, and welcome to the 2 Year room! We are part of the Early Years team and we love having the children join us before starting their school journey at this crucial age! Our main aim is to encourage the children with us to develop their learning and life skills with us mainly through their play. We feel this is the best way to help the children develop to their fullest potential, we help the children make sense of the world around them in an in-direct way. Through playing it helps children to develop verbally, socially, cognitively and emotionally to name a few. This also helps them to gain the self-confidence needed to engage in new experiences and environments throughout their lives. 


This term throughout Summer, we are going to be exploring 'Living in the natural world' and exploring the world around us in different ways. 



If you have any questions and queries please don’t

hesitate to speak to any of the 2 Year room staff!





Meet the Staff


In the 2 Year room, Shelley is the room lead and works in the room alongside Abby and Danielle. 

If you have any queries or questions please don't hesitate to speak to one of us or drop Shelley an email at the address below! 












Dates for the Diary!


Dates will be added as and when, keep checking for updates :) 


Friday 28th May - Last day of term and good behaviour day Rainbow theme! 


Monday 7th June - Return to school 






General information 


Session times are 8:30am to 11:30am.  

If someone different is collecting your child please inform school as soon as possible and make sure the person collecting brings their I.D and knows the correct password please!  


You will have the opportunity to look at and contribute to your child's Learning Journey throughout the year and can ask to see this at anytime.


Each day your child will need to bring a named coat, bag and spare clothes. As the weather is becoming very changeable, we would really appreciate it if you could bring suitable clothes ready for any changes!  Children are welcome to bring a bottle with them but we would appreciate it being water only inside. 


We go outside whatever the weather so children need to be changed frequently.  Please ensure you send a named bag with plenty of spare clothes in, especially if your child is potty training.


If your child wears nappies or pull ups please send these AND wipes in a named bag each day.



Summer 1 so far... 


We have really enjoyed welcoming our new friends and returning to setting so far! We have been getting out in the environment for walks and exploring in the school forest, we have been practising our gross motor skills by using the timber trail and this is helping us to develop balancing skills and build up our core strength! Back inside we have been learning all about the different animals around the world, learning nursery rhymes and focusing on our fine motor by mark making, cutting with scissors and playing with the playdough. 

The children have been trying really hard with all of these tasks and we are so proud of them too! 

Baking in the 2 Year Room 


The children have really enjoyed getting involved in baking within the two year room! All the children showed lots of interest and chose they would like to make some biscuits when we discussed cooking the week before. We talked about each different ingredient we needed and some of the children were able to identify the names of some of the ingredients too! 

We talked about what we needed to use the weighing scales for and the children were fascinated watching the dial move up and down when we weighed the ingredients out! We gave the children step by step instructions to follow with our support and they did a fantastic job! The best part was eating them at snack time! 

Developing our gross motor skills in P.E

Making biscuits for the Easter Fair 

We were so excited for the upcoming Easter Fair, our stall in Early Years was going to be a cake and biscuit stall so we decided to make chocolate chip easter themed biscuits. We first talked about what ingredients we may need to make these biscuits and then looked at the method we would follow. We found a basic recipie for biscuits and sat down together to find out what we needed to do. We set out the ingredients in front of us and found out what each one was, We then looked at the scales and found the number each item needed to be weighed at. Then it was time to get started, we washed our hands and began measuring out the ingredients we needed before mixing them all up together in stages before we formed our dough. We had to do lots of mixing and kneading to make the dough which was really hard work! Once the dough was made we rolled it out using the rolling pin and used a Easter rabbit and chick to cut out the biscuit shapes. We all worked really hard and were so excited to take one home too! 

Saying goodbye to the Chicks! 


It is already time to say goodbye to the beautiful Early Years chicks we have become so attached to! We brought two of them up to our room, they were so excited as were we! They became so comfortable in our room they enjoyed rolling on the soft carpet and we all thought this was hilarious!  

Spring 2 


To link our Farm topic and the whole school theme of beds we have decided to start this off by familiarising ourselves with the stories 'Ten in a bed' and 'One Ted falls out of bed'. We have really enjoyed listening to these so far! We will be moving on next week looking at which animals on the farm sleep in which types of beds! We will be investigating this next week and cant wait to hear what the children predict! 

We have enjoyed exploring the school grounds and we looked at the detailed features of the environment, we talked about the new buds forming on the trees and bushes and the flowers and plants beginning to grow! We showed the children how to feel the new buds gently and explained why we have to be gentle and caring for the new buds, plants and flowers forming around us. 

Today we made Valentines Cards for our loves ones! Happy Valentine's Day!

Getting Creative in the 2 Year Room


We have been enjoying using our fine and gross motor skills the past couple of weeks when making and creating large and small pictures. We have made a large sensory Gruffalo, using a variety of materials which you can see further down this page. This week we have been creating Chinese new year themed pictures and making marks in a range of sensory play such as glitter, sensory sand and paint. Exploring these types of sensory play helps to develop childrens motor skills in a huge way and will then help their writing skills develop in the near future! 

Making marks in different ways

Today we made our own sensory Gruffalo!

We love exploring the outdoors in all types of weather!

How you can help at home (Article 18)


There are lots of things that you can do at home to support your child at home. 

Singing is such an important part of Early Years education, it supports speech, language, mathematical awareness and early reading. 

We do encourage all children to use words instead of actions to make their wants and needs known.  It is helpful if you continue this at home by encouraging talk and extending vocabulary for example if your child says "car" you could extend this by saying "yes, it's a big, red car".

When out shopping  you could encourage your child to create their own shopping list. This list might be a lot of marks on paper but to your child it will be exactly what they say it is. Encourage your child to remember what they wanted to put on there " have we got everything on your list?"


If you would like to find out more about how you can help at home please speak to your child's key person.




2 Year Room

If you have any questions please send Shelley Nicholson an email. Thank You!

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