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Welcome to 2 Year Stay and Play



 Hi welcome to 2 Year Stay and Play! 

 Our topic for Summer 2 is "At the Beach". We are looking forward to bringing the beach to us throughout Summer 2 at our Early Years beach Day! We will be focussing on our new topic story 'Shark in the Park' and we cant wait to begin our last half term of the school year! 


If you have any questions and queries please don’t

hesitate to speak to any of the 2 Year Staff!





The Room Lead in 2 Year Provision is Shelley Nicholson and the Early Years Practitioners are Kirsty Rodham and Rebecca Lindsay. Shelley, Rebecca and Kirsty will be in the setting on a morning and then Shelley and Rebecca will be in on an afternoon!

If you have any queries or questions please don't hesitate to speak to one of us or drop Shelley an email at the address below! 

General information 


Session times are 8.45-11.45 and 12.15-3.15.  

If someone different is collecting your child please inform school as soon as possible and make sure the person collecting brings their I.D and knows the correct password please!  


We send weekly diaries home on Friday. These tell you what your child has been up to and what they have been learning.  Please return these by Wednesday.

Notes from home are sent home regularly and are available anytime from staff.  

You will have the opportunity to look at and contribute to your child's Learning Journey throughout the year and can ask to see this at anytime.


Each day your child will need to bring a named coat, bag and spare clothes. As the weather is becoming very changeable, we would really appreciate it if you could bring suitable clothes ready for any changes!  


We go outside whatever the weather so children need to be changed frequently.  Please ensure you send a named bag with plenty of spare clothes in, especially if your child is potty training.


If your child wears nappies or pull ups please send these AND wipes in a named bag each day.



Important Documents - what we are working on throughout Summer term 2

Fathers Day Workshop - RR Article 31

Healthy Teeth and Dummy Workshop - RR Article 31


On Thursday 6th June we held a healthy teeth and dummy workshop, we were very excited as the dummy fairy came to visit us and told us all about how she collects dummies for little babies in the world. We were all asked if we could donate any dummies and bottles in return from a small gift from the fairy! We are overwhelmed by the response and were so proud of all the children who donated dummies to the dummy fairy!

Our Trip to the Shops RR - Article 31


On Monday 20th May, am and pm children went out on a trip to the local Tesco and One Stop shops in order to buy some fruit and vegetables for our snack! The morning children had to get on a bus to get to Tesco and we walked with the afternoon session to the One Stop shop. Before we left the school we talked about how we could stay safe whilst out and about and what dangers we could face. The children were all really sensible and well behaved when we were out and couldn't wait to come back and eat what we bought for our snack.

Spotting Transport (RR Article 31)


This week, we have been on a walk around the environment around the school setting and went to look for what transport we could see! Before we left we talked about how to stay safe on our walk and took guesses on what type of vehicles we might see! We had a lovely time and really enjoyed our walk around the environment!

Exploring our new transport themed setting - RR Article 31

Exploring our new transport themed setting -  RR Article 31 1
Exploring our new transport themed setting -  RR Article 31 2
Exploring our new transport themed setting -  RR Article 31 3
Exploring our new transport themed setting -  RR Article 31 4
Exploring our new transport themed setting -  RR Article 31 5

Happy Easter from 2 Year am children and staff

Happy Easter from 2 Year am children and staff 1

Mother's Day Workshop - RR Article 28

Forest School Day - Birds Theme  (RR Article 31)


On Thursday 14th March, we all joined together in Early Years to explore the varieties of birds we see around us and what they eat, where they live and what noises they make.

The Book Bus! (RR Article 31)


The Book Bus came to visit us! We climbed aboard and had a look around at all the books! Some of us bought a book and couldn't wait to have a look at what we had bought.

When the Farm came to visit.... (RR Article 31)


We were all very excited when the farm came to visit us! We were able to meet a variety of different animals and the ladies let us stroke, brush and hold some of them too! We were very gentle and talked about how we could look after the animals, what they like to eat and what they sound like! We had a lovely time and really enjoyed ourselves!  

Chinese New Year Day (RR Article 28)


On Thursday 7th February, we celebrated Chinese New Year Day as a whole setting in Early Years. First we watched a video all about Chinese New Year explaining the different culture and traditions they celebrate. Then we got busy and took part in a variety of activities around the theme such as dragon dancing, role-play, fine motor skills, food tasting and arts and crafts.

Our Visit to the Allotments (RR Article 28)


On Monday 11th February, we went on a visit to the allotments. On the way we talked about what animals we thought we were going to see and what noises they all make. We enjoyed seeing the animals and saw horses, dogs, a cat, chickens and geese!

2 Year Stay and Play (RR Article 31)


We have had such a busy half term this time around and have enjoyed lots of walks to the park and allotments, time outdoors to play and explore, Forest school days and a variety of activities within the setting for the children to access. We have had a lot of fun and would like to share a few photos of our adventures with you.


Outdoor Provision

Maths in 2 Year Stay and Play setting (RR Article 28)


This week we have been exploring numbers a little further by focusing on creating symbols and marks to represent numbers, counting in sequence and looking at the difference between quantities of objects! We have been so busy and are doing an excellent job with these challenges!

Making marks Outdoors (RR Article 31)


Today we have had some awful weather with rain, sleet and wind. We decided to go outside and brighten it up by making marks in fluorescent colours! We all used a variety of paintbrushes and resources to make different marks on a large scale. Some of us used circular motions, some of us used horizontal and vertical movements to make these marks! It was a lot of fun but we came in a little while later as it was getting cold!

Physical Education! (RR Article 29)


This week in P.E we have been kicking large balls, running on whole foot and climbing confidently.

Wake up Shake up and Relax Kids! (Article 28)


We have recently introduced a 'wake up' song and a 'cool down' session at the start and end of each session and the children are really responding well to this and having lots of fun taking part! The objective is to begin the session with a song to get the children excited and ready to learn and then end the session with a relaxing few minutes to let the children calm down and relax before leaving the setting!

Relax Kids

Relax Kids 1
Relax Kids 2

How you can help at home (Article 18)


There are lots of things that you can do at home to support your child at home. 

Singing is such an important part of Early Years education, it supports speech, language, mathematical awareness and early reading. 

We do encourage all children to use words instead of actions to make their wants and needs known.  It is helpful if you continue this at home by encouraging talk and extending vocabulary for example if your child says "car" you could extend this by saying "yes, it's a big, red car".

When out shopping  you could encourage your child to create their own shopping list. This list might be a lot of marks on paper but to your child it will be exactly what they say it is. Encourage your child to remember what they wanted to put on there " have we got everything on your list?"


If you would like to find out more about how you can help at home please speak to your child's key person.




Dates for the Diary!


We are holding a toddler group every Friday in 2 Year Stay and Play - all are welcome to join, for ages 0 - 5. It is £2 per session from 9:30am - 10:30am


Monday 24th June - INSET DAY


Tuesday 25th - SPORTS DAY AM Session  - 10:45am

                  PM Session - 2:00pm


Wednesday 17th July - Beach Day
































Thank you for your support 


2 Year Provision contact

If you have any questions about 2 Year Provision please send Shelley Nicholson an email.