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Art and Design Curriculum

At Catchgate we believe art can have a powerful and positive effect on a school, not only through displays but also because it lifts the esteem of the children. At Catchgate we believe that Art and Design helps to develop a child’s awareness of the world around them and how to use their imagination to interpret their world in a visual form. The teaching and learning of Art and Design can contribute to the

whole Primary curriculum.

Catchgate is an ArtsMark School and this year is proud of the ten children who achieved Arts Award  Explore certificates last year.  

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Over the course of the Autumn and Spring Term, 30 Y1 to Y6 children have been working on a butterfly themed piece of work. The Art Group allows a great opportunity for the older children to work alongside the younger ones sharing ideas and developing skills. Every child involved has had the opportunity to work with a range of textiles, sewing and using appliqué, to produce an individual butterfly which has become part of a joint collage.


They have been privileged to work with local artist Cath Gilbert, who owns the White Rooms Art Gallery in Stanley, she said, “I have really enjoyed working with children and been impressed by their artistic ideas, enthusiasm and behaviour and I’m looking forward to working on our next project.”


The work the children have produced is to a very high standard and I am proud to say that the Butterfly collage art work carried out by the children is now on display in our School Hall for all to see. Their fabric and silk painting are beautiful and will also soon be on display.

Display in the hall of our fabulous art work

Display in the hall of our fabulous art work  1