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Autumn 2

Autumn 2 

Whole School Theme- Light up the World 


For each whole school theme, children will be completing a range of activities to support their learning linking to the driver of 'Light up the World' within each subject. There will be cross-curricular links for children to access the curriculum whilst being taught the knowledge and skills relevant to their year group within history.


Each year group will have an enquiry based question to enhance their learning within history for each term, linking to our whole school theme of Light Up The World.


EYFS- What are our favourite celebrations each year?  


Focus: Recognising and identifying simple changes.  

Understand concept of change  


-Which celebrations do we enjoy in our setting? 

-Which festivals do we enjoy celebrating with our families at home? 

-What did we do last term? 

-What are some of the special ways we celebrate in school and/or home? 

-Can we identify artefacts (objects) associated with the events that I enjoy celebrating? 


Y1- How do I find out about me?    

NC ref: changes within living memory   

Focus: Chronology (sequence), knowledge of very recent past, use of common words. Asking and answering simple questions.   


-What is my history? 

-How can I find out more about me? 

-Who was here before me? (extending the chronology back 50 years) 

Older visitor into school to answer questions. 

-What did we learn from our interview?  

-What was Christmas like in the past? 


Y2- Why are some places special? 


NC ref: Significant places in own locality    

Focus:  Thinking about historical significance, using primary sources.   


-What did people build before I was born? 

Locations, distance, maps 

Possible- Hadrian’s Wall, Durham Cathhedral, Auckland Place, Kilhope lead mine, the school, the Angel of the North, Tyne Bridge, Millennium Bridge. 

-Why are these places important?  

-What will we find?  

-What did we find?  


Y3- Why did the Ancient Egyptians build pyramids?  

NC ref:  Achievements of earliest civilisations - Ancient Egypt   

Focus: key features of early civilisation, chronology (sequence, duration and contemporaneous development) causation, use of primary sources (supported inferences)   


-Where and when did people start to build new towns and cities? 

-Why did the Egyptians build pyramids? 

-What was the most important item in a pyramid? 

-What did Howard Carter find? 


Y4- Why did the Romans march through County Durham? 


NC ref: A Local history study    

Focus: Key features of Roman army and British campaign, chronology, causation and consequence, using information texts and representations of the past (reconstructions, artist’s views, built models)   


-Who were the Ancient Romans and Ancient Britons? 

-What happened in 55BC and how can we be sure? 

-What happened when the Romans finally conquered Britain? 

-Why was the Roman Army so special? 

-Summary: Why did the Romans march through County Durham? 


Y5- Who is Tommy Armstrong?   


NC ref: local history study   

Focus: Use of the historic local environment to further enquiry skills, develop chronological range and use of primary sources such as maps, census, buildings and photographs.  


-Why was mining so important in County Durham?  

-What can we find out about mining in our local area? 

Walk around to find- memorials, mining history which they can still see. 

-What was Shotley Bridge like now and then? 

Two pictures to compare- photos, maps 

-Who was Tommy Armstrong? 

-What happened in Trimdon Grange? Explosion, song. 

-Why was Tommy Armstrong so important? 


Y6-What’s in a name? 

NC Ref: Local History unit – WW1 war memorials   

Focus: Chronological security, use of primary sources, similarity and difference of experience at a point in the past   


-When has Britain been under threat? 

-What’s in a name? 

-What was life like for our research family? 

-How did our family’s world change in 1914? 

-How were the locals involved in WWI? 

-How should we remember Durham’s involvement in WW1?  

Design a new memorial 

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