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Autumn 2

Autumn 2 


In autumn 2, we will be doing lots of fun activities and work to develop our progress. Our first book we will be reading is Handa's Surprise. where we will be looking at fruits and animals around the world. Book 2 is Owl Babies, where we will be learning all about owls and the outdoors. Finally, book 3 is The Stinky Sprouts, where we will be exploring our senses on the run up to Christmas. If you would like to do any extra work around these books or themes, we would love to see what you get up to! 


As the cold weather is creeping in, we can’t stress enough the importance of suitable clothing for the weather. Please make sure your child has suitable footwear, if it is raining or snowing and your child is wearing wellies, ensure they have school shoes to change into. Hats, scarves and gloves should all be clearly labelled with the child’s name, as well as a suitable waterproof coat. We always have some spare supplied which we can provide if support is required.



Weekly homework will be sent out on Freeflow reinforcing learning taken place within reception, gaps or areas of interest of the children. We would love it if you could upload any completed work online so we can share it with the rest of the class.