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Our approach to our School Curriculum


At Catchgate Primary school, we follow a 'topic based' approach to our curriculum through our Learning Challenge Curriculum. This means wherever possible we group our subjects around the Learning Challenge topic. The topics were chosen after consultation with pupils, parents and staff to follow interests of the pupils and to equip them for future life. We have chosen local events, people and places to investigate to make learning real. Our curriculum is enriched with visits and visitors into school; with theme weeks and days to celebrate special events.

The Learning Challenge curriculum is an enquiry based approach built around questioning, which helps 'hook' the children into their learning. By using a questioning approach, it develops curiosity and incorporates challenge for all children. Children are involved in the planning and emphasis is placed on the learning experiences being motivating, engaging and relevant for all the children.

Each year group has a new Learning Challenge each half term. It starts with a Prime Learning Challenge - 'a big question' - designed to hook the children into the learning experience. The Prime Learning Challenge may be based around different subject areas such as History, Geography, Science or around Enterprise work. Through these Learning Challenges, opportunities are built in for children to apply other key skills in English, maths, ICT and skills in learning together.

Whilst some of our curriculum is delivered through a Learning Challenge approach, some subjects are taught separately as they don't naturally 'fit' into the topic. Subjects such as Religious Education, PSHCE and Maths are usually taught separately although links are made when appropriate. Science often lends itself to the Learning Challenge topics but where they don't they are taught as 'mini-topics,' such as the skeleton .


For more information about the curriculum we follow, please contact Mrs McDonald via the 'Contact Us' page of our website. 

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