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E-safety at home during school closures.


CEOP/ThinkUKnow  have released their first set of materials during school closures in a bid to keep our children safe online during this difficult time. You can download these activities below or find them directly from the link also provided below. These resources are scheduled to be updated every two weeks and even have information to share for those of you with children who are in secondary schools. It would be great for us to see any e-safety work going on at home so why not send any activities to your class teachers on FreeFlow.  


A lot of our children may be spending time using technology at home whilst school is closed so why not encourage them to learn something as they go. At school we run Code Club on a Thursday (for Key Stage 2 children) and they have kindly allowed us to share their resources via our website. The first series of modules (1-3) all use Scratch which the children should be familiar with from Computing lessons in school.

Scratch can be accessed online (see links below) or even downloaded to your PC/laptop for free (the website will have frequently asked questions and system requirements to support you with this. The first activity is to create your own rock band. This can be done by following the Code Club instructions (see link below). 

There is also a Scratch Junior app available for Key Stage 1 children to try out at home which is free and available from your devices app store.

It would be great if you could take pictures of you completing the modules for us to see by using FreeFlow. Enjoy!