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Forest School

Forest School is an opportunity that we offer all year groups, each class has a two hour slot every week.  In this time we will be giving the children the opportunity to try a range of outdoor activities which will include, team building exercises, tree climbing, navigation, this will provide a wider PE offer to include both Physical and communication Skill development. 

Autumn 1


Our Fragile World 

This half term we will be working on the following skills such as, been able to name a wide range of Forest School tools, to carefully be able to use each different tool safely keeping myself and others safe and then applying the skills to create a piece of cutlery to eat with.  


Autumn 2 

Light up the world

This half term we will be working on our fire safety skills, we will observe and talk about fire lighting procedures and then contribute to selecting the correct fuel. We will then develop our knowledge of the three main elements to create fire. Also we are going to look into the British Red Cross and then develop our First Aid skills. 

Out in the Forest with Nursery 

We love being outdoors as much as possible, take a look at what we have been getting up to in the Forest so far this half term. 

Making shelters, feeders and nests for our animal friends.

Conker Comets and building a bonfire.

Giant Art Gallery

We had so much fun creating art using powder paints.

Fire Challenge 


We worked in house teams to ignite a cotton wool ball, then the real challenge was to keep the fire alive, by using kindling we collected previously.

Year 1 - we had so much fun creating some art using powder paints.

Year 5 - Team Challenge

Year 3- Team Challenge

We finished off our topic with a campfire, we even invited our class teacher to join in on the celebration. 


Spring 1

Build our World 

Week 1

This week we started our new topic of Build our World by looking at different types of shelters. We had mini challenges of finding different shelters hidden within the woodland area. The older year groups worked in small groups to think and write as many different types shelters within a time duration. We then finished each session with a quick recap of knot skills. 

Week 2 

This week we recapped our story from last week Shelter, In our house team groups we worked to create our own mini shelters using snow to create igloos. 

Team Challenge - to write different types of shelters using natural materials.

Week 3

This week we have had a fantastic productive week, in small groups we worked together to create a mini shelter for a woodland animal. We had to think carefully about what type of sticks we needed to create a solid structure, before adding more sticks. Team work is getting better, we need to think about having a clear plan as a group before getting busy. We have also been really impressed with our knot tying skills this week, each week the skills are developing as we become more confident. 

Week 4

This week every activity has involved team work, we worked in small groups to create as many triangles as we could only using 9 sticks. it has also involved us putting our knot skills into practice. One of the challenges was to see which group could work together as a team to undo all of the knots on the large piece of rope the quickest. The next activity was to work in the same groups to play a desert island game, this consisted of tying a piece of string to a large piece of rope.