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Handwriting at Catchgate


We use the Penpals Handwriting Scheme to deliver our handwriting curriculum. Penpals for Handwriting is a complete handwriting scheme for 3-11-year olds, offering clear progression through five developmental stages. It supports and teaches children to develop a fast and fluent handwriting style to help them achieve their potential in writing.


Penpals leads children through five distinct stages:

1.Physical preparation for handwriting
  (Nursery and Reception / 3–5 years)

2.Securing correct letter formation
  (Year 1/5–6 years)

3.Beginning to join
  (Year 2/6–7 years)

4.Securing the joins
  (Years 3 and 4/7–9 years)

5.Speed, fluency and developing a personal style
  (Years 5 and 6/9–11 years)


Posture for Writing

Pencil Grasp

Letter Formation in line with the PenPals handwriting scheme.

PenPals Whole School Overview

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