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Homework Autumn 2

Each term, there will be a set of homework challenges for your to child to complete. This will be alongside daily home reading. The challenge is to make 100 points through completing the chosen tasks.  Work should be uploaded onto your child's homework folder on their Onenote folder or bring any relevant work into school to get points recorded.  


Homework Challenges 

10 points- Can you play the odd one out game? Get a grown up to say 3 items and you need to say which object or picture does not share the same, simple link. For example: Christmas, spoon, present. 


15 points-Ask 3 questions you would like to find out about different celebrations, then research the answers with your grown ups. 


15 points-What makes you happy, sad, excited, angry? Draw yourself as these emotions and write labels telling us what makes you feel that way. 


20 points-Make a timeline of your daily routine, use pictures and times to show us how your day goes. 


10 points-Can you write a caption (a short sentence with a few words) about what you to do celebrate Christmas. 


10 points-Can you make up your own add and subtractions with numbers up to 10. Show us how you have worked them out too, this could be through using pictures, drawings, your fingers. 


15 points-What is your favourite celebration each year? Can you send us pictures showing you celebrate this. This could be a birthday, Christmas, Easter. Tell us why it is your favourite celebration? Extra points for writing about these. 


15 points-Can you make tea light lamp using an old jar? Decorate the outside of the jar and place a light inside. 


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