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Homework Summer 

Each term, there will be a set of homework tasks for your to child to complete. This will be alongside daily home reading. Work (which can be in the format of photos, videos, documents) should be uploaded onto your child's homework folder on their Onenote folder or brought into school to get recorded. This is to be completed by the end of the Summer term.


Homework Challenges 


Wellbeing Awards for Schools- Go for a nature walk in the local area. What can you hear? What can you see? Pick up a stick and make a pattern in the mud. Find a leaf and hold it in your hand. How does it feel?


Rights Respecting for Schools- Pick a number from 1-42. Research the rights respecting article of that number. Create a poster about this right. 


Literacy Launchpad- Can you play I went to the shop and bought…See how many items you can remember in the correct order. 


Communication and Language- Can you verbally retell Farmer Duck, using story language and actions. Send us videos of you doing so. 


PSED-Can you make a list of good and bad choices people make when it comes to looking after animals.   


Physical Development- Can you make your own obstacle course where you can practice balancing? This could be walking along tight beams, balancing beanbags on your head, etc. 


Literacy-Can you write a retell of Farmer Duck using simple sentences. Use your recorded retell to help you, from your CLL challenge. 


Maths-Can you recognise odd and even numbers? See how many odd and even numbers you can find when you are out and about. This could be door numbers, price tags, numbers on cars. Tell your grown up the number you see and identify if it is odd or even. Let us know what you find!  


Understanding The World-What is your favourite animal from anywhere in the world? Research this and write down some facts about it. 


Expressive Arts and Design- Can you make your very own farm animal using outdoor materials? Think about the features it has. 

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