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Maths homework that is to be handed in on the 14/11/19 is pages 21 and 29 on dividing fractions and calculating percentages. Both maths groups have looked at these topics in class over the last few weeks but if there are any children unsure, please tell them to speak to either myself or Mr Bell before Wednesday so that we can help.


This week's spellings are words are those that you can add the suffix ‘ful’ to, to create a verb. The spelling words are: boastful, faithful, doubtful, fearful, thankful, beautiful, pitiful, plentiful, fanciful and merciful.


The common exception words are: soldier, hindrance, convenience, frequently, equipment, privilege, neighbour, identity, bargain and occupy. The children will only be tested on the spelling words, however we will be looking for them to use the common exception words in their writing.


For the other subjects we are changing how we set homework. Children will be given a 10 week period to complete a range of tasks to earn points. Over the term the children need to earn at least 100 points to earn a reward. At the end of this period, I will ensure we have time for the children to show what they have done to the rest of the class if they wish.


Click the link below to see the homework tasks for the autumn term which need to be completed and in school by Friday 29th November

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