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It's Good to be Green - Behaviour reward system


It’s Good to be Green
School applies the principles of the ‘It’s Good to be Green’ behaviour strategy in all year groups from Nursery to Year 6.  This is a very visual approach and has an immediate impact with pupils.
Display in the classroom

  • A good to be green card holder is displayed in every class.
  • All pupils start each week with a green card in their name holder.
  • We expect all pupils to behave well in school throughout the day.  Their card remains green to show good behaviour.
  • Next to the card holder are posters which detail the types of behaviour expected to remain on green, get a gold sticker and show behaviour which is unacceptable - red and yellow cards. 
  • Representatives on the School Council have worked together to decide upon the behaviours expected in school and those which are unacceptable.

Reward charts and stickers

  • At the end of the week all pupils who have remained on a green card receive a well done sticker on the class reward chart. 
  • At the end of each half term they receive larger well done stickers on their jumpers.
  • Pupils can also be given a good to be green pencil for their continued good behaviour.

Gold Behaviour

  • Pupils who show exceptional behaviour for the majority of the week will also receive a good to be gold sticker.
  • They will be given a good to be green raffle ticket which will be placed in a special box in their key stage area.  During Friday morning assembly a draw will take place and one pupil in each key stage will receive a small prize.

Raffle tickets

  • Any member of staff in school can give out raffle tickets to pupils in recognition of their good behaviour.  This will be placed in the special box in their key stage area.  During Friday morning assembly a draw will take place and one pupil in each key stage will receive a small prize.

Behaviour record log

  • Any unacceptable behaviour is recorded on the record log.  In some circumstances there may need to be a page per pupil.  Some staff prefer to record any daily/weekly events on one page. 
  • This information is collated at the end of each half term.
  • Record logs need to be kept until the end of the school year and then put into pupils record files kept in the school office.

Warning and consequence cards

  • There are two coloured cards which form part of the strategy which can be implemented to indicate unacceptable behaviour.
  • Yellow cards are given if a pupil hurts another or in some way interrupts another’s learning.  The yellow warning card can be converted back to a green card if behaviour improves over the course of the day or if it deteriorates a red card will be given.  The information must be recorded on the behaviour log.
  • Red cards are given for serious incidents.  They cannot be converted back to a yellow or green card.  Parents are informed if their child receives a red card.  Participation in the good behaviour day is not allowed if a red card is given.
  • Time will be missed during break and lunch times every time a card is given.

Praise Pads

  • Staff are encouraged to send notes home frequently in recognition of consistently good behaviour.


Behaviour Policy - October 2015