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Literacy - including Reading and Phonics information

Phonics and Spelling

The children in early years are taught phonics as a whole class so that the sounds are introduced to all. If further support is needed for particular sounds this is taught in small focused groups. Key stage 1 are taught phonics in small differentiated groups every day for 15 minutes. We follow the letters and sounds program and make the learning as active as possible to best fit the needs of the children. We use the phonics play website for a lot of interactive games and learning tools.

The children in key stage 2 are following the support for spelling program suitable for their year group. 



We have a dedicated 20 minute reading slot each day, in the morning as the children arrive, where the children may read independently, with an adult or share their books with their peers. The children may choose to read either their reading scheme book, chosen from the Oxford reading tree program, or a 'real'book which has been chosen by the child following their interests.

It is vital that the children bring in their reading books each day whether they have read at home or not.

The children are also heard reading in small guided reading reading groups each week. We have a range of reading schemes for these sessions including Floppy's Phonics, Project X and Rigby Star books.

REMEMBER - each day your child reads at home they will receive a sticker and start their journey on the reading challenge.

Your child can earn certificates, badges, wristbands, bookmarks and reading licences when they reach each target milestone. The child who reads the most in the school each half term will receive a £5 voucher. If a child reaches 250 reads they will also receive a £5 voucher.


Are you looking for inspiring books for your children but don't know where to start? Take a look at the booklists  on this link to the Booktrust website.



We have a whole text approach to our English lessons. This means we choose a book from our wide literary heritage, both modern and classic texts, and use this to teach the appropriate year group objectives and skills that the children need. We are just beginning a two year project - Primary Writing Partnership - this encourages deeper reading for better writing. We are in a group of eight schools across the Sunderland and Durham local authorities working in partnership to promote pleasure in reading and better vocabulary, grammar, spelling and overall writing. This project is headed by Pie Corbett a well respected name in the teaching of English and a published author. Further details about the writing partnership will be added throughout the two years.Please see the overview below to find out what is happening in each year group.