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Tuesday 7th July- Fractions of amounts

Monday 6th July- Number sequences

Friday 3rd July

Wednesday 1st July- Multiplication and Division

Tuesday 30th June- Pictogram

Monday 29th June, More than and Less Than

Thursday 24th June Friday 26th June- Make your own code breaker!

Wednesday 24th June

Tuesday 23rd June

Monday 22nd June

Friday 19th June

Thursday 18th June

Wednesday 17th June

Tuesday 16th June

Monday 15th June- 2x tables.

Friday 12th June-

Thursday 11th June

Wednesday 10th June

Tuesday 9th June

Monday 8th June- Counting in 3s

Friday 5th June

Thursday 4th June

Wednesday 3rd June

Tuesday 2nd June

Friday 15th May- Arithmetic

Thursday 14th May- Counting in 3s

Wednesday 13th May

Monday 11th May- Maths Quiz

Thursday 7th May- Mental Maths

Wednesday 6th May- Arithmetic Style Questions

Tuesday 5th May- Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division Booklet


Interpreting Bar Charts

Arithmetic Questions

Multiplication and Division Word Problems