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Meet the Staff

Teaching Staff

Head Teacher:                   Mrs Joanne E. Shaw

Deputy Head Teacher:      Mr Neil Bell

Senior Leaders:                 Mrs Julie McDonald – KS1 Lead

                                           Ms Laura Kendall– Early Years Lead


Early Years Teachers:         Miss Emma Little – Nursery

                                            Ms Laura Kendall – Reception

                                            Miss Katie Burns - Reception


Early Years Support:           Mrs Shelley Nicholson – 2 Year Room Lead

                                            Miss Danielle Hocking - E.Y.P. 2 Year Room

                                            Miss Kirsty Rodham - E.Y.P. 2 Year Room

                                            Miss Abby Mounter - E.Y.P 2 Year Room



Key Stage 1:                       Mrs Tracy Schofield – Year 1

                                            Miss Laura Hunter– Year 2

                                            Mrs Julie McDonald (KS1 Lead) – Year 1 and 2


Teaching Assistants:        Mrs Andrea Dixon - Year 2

                                         Mrs Danielle Hodgson - Year 2  - Maternity Leave

                                         Mrs Shona Steadman - Year 2 - Maternity Leave

                                         Mrs Lucy Eggleton - Year 1


Lower Key Stage 2:          Mr Daniel Simspon – Year 3

               Mrs Christine Falconer– Year 4


Teaching Assistants:       Mrs Anita Errington - Year 3

                                        Mrs Lynne Fenwick – Year 4



Upper Key Stage 2:        Mr Matthew Coxon - Year 5

                                        Mr Neil Bell & Mr Liam Smith – Year 6


Teaching Assistants:       Miss Ashleigh Conway – Year 5

                                        Mrs Michelle Fraser  – Year 6


SEND Co-ordinator:        Mrs J. Shaw and Mrs J McDonald

Behaviour Support:          Mrs Danielle Hodgson

MFL Teacher:                   Mrs Angela Sterling – Lingotots

Counsellor:                       Mrs Lynn Whitehead-Lewis


Sport Co-ordinator:        Mr Steve Shaw


Sports Apprentice:         Miss Shauna McGough


Forest School Staff:       Mr Steve Shaw

                                     Mrs Claire Carlyon

                                      Miss Shauna McGough

                                      Mrs Michelle Fraser


Non-Teaching Staff


School Business Manager:  Mrs Nicola Bambridge

Admin Officer:                  Mrs Danielle Stoker

Admin Assistant:               Miss Helen Greaves



School Attendance Officer:   Mrs Lesley Sabourn                                                                                             

Extended Services:           Mr Bill McDowall – Breakfast and After School Clubs


Swimming Instructors:    Mr Ian Frame


Premises Manager:          Mr David Kilby


Cleaners:                           Miss Christine Hodgson

                                          Mrs Angela Church

                                          Mrs Angela Coleman - Head Cleaner

                                          Mrs Moira Wright


Kitchen staff:                     Mrs Jill Graham

                                           Mrs Julie Smailes

                                           Mrs Tracy Ross


Lunchtime Supervisors:       Mrs Rhona Robson

                                             Mr Bill McDowall

                                             Miss Joanne Wanless - Maternity Leave