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Mini-buds and Buddies

September 2018 Buddies and Mini-Buds

On Monday 24th September our new Buddies and Mini-Buds worked with Vicki from Viva to learn all about their exciting roles. They learned through role play and discussions around what to expect at playtimes, and how to deal with the challenges.


The Buddies and Mini-Buds will be available for the other children at play time and lunchtime to support them if they are lonely, need someone to play with or have been hurt.


This links to the RRSA Article 31 where our mini-buds and buddies will be helping the other children to observe their right to play and leisure activities in a safe way.



"I'm going to be a good Mini-Bud because I'm going to help people when they fall over." Jude.


"I'm going to play with people when they are sad." Lily.


"It's important for us to be friendly and happy and to help solve problems." Sam.


"We are going to make sure that people have friends, aren't being bullied, fighting over toys and we will help them if they get hurt." Warren.



"I'm looking forward to helping people." Hayden.


"I'm looking forward to making new friends." Phoebe.


"A good Buddy is helpful, kind and a good listener!" Alfi.


"We need Buddies incase people fall out, are lonely or have arguments over toys." Lucy- Ella.


"We could help people play new games." Ruby.

This week was Friendship Week in school. Classes got together to meet new friends and share a their favourite stories. The children also got to make their very own friendship bracelets with their new friends. The older children worked very well with the younger children and everyone had lots of fun. It was so pleasing for all of the staff to see the older children being nurturing and kind to their younger friends. Well done everyone!

At Catchgate, we have Buddies in KS2 (Year 6) and Mini Buds in KS1 (Year 2). All of the children have been fully trained to assist on the yard, helping the children to work and play together in school and to recognise when some children are having difficult times in the playground. There is a daily duty rota and staff and pupils can easily locate them because they wear bright yellow and orange high visibility jackets!


During the training session they worked together to solve problems and think about how they can help others in different situations. The children used role play to demonstrate how they could help someone who was feeling hurt or lonely and learnt games which they will enjoy showing other children how to play.

The children are extremely enthusiastic, eager and willing. smiley




Playground Friends


We have a special system of Playground Friends made up of children in Year 5. There is a daily duty rota and children are seen wearing black hoodies embossed with "playground friends".

Playground Friends give up their own playtime to help other children to have fun and play games. They are encouraged to show the younger children how to play games using the equipment (skipping ropes, elastic, balls in all shapes and sizes). They also encouraged to run and play their own games with the children.

They carry little notebooks which they note down names of children who are playing nicely together and showing good examples of friendship. These children are then rewarded in the end of the week assembly.

Anti - Bullying Champions


Anti - bullying is taken very seriously at Catchgate Primary school with the children being heavily involved in efforts to identify, recognise, and remove instances of bullying. Through the champions, mini buds, buddies and playground friends the children are a very active element of our anti bullying strategy.


This year we have Year 4 children as our Anti-Bullying Champions, they were so pleased to take on this responsibility. As part of the training, behaviour and bullying were featured; circle time and social stories together with drama and role play were used to re enact issues such as bullying. Children explored ways of resolving disagreements or what to do if they think they are being bullied.


The children have decided themselves to wear a cap so they are easy to find whilst doing their duty and have a area on the yard so others know where to go if they need someone to talk to. Children can talk to them  if they are worried about anything or whether they just need a friend.