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Display board


During the last few weeks, we have been updating our display boards using work and drawings created by the children who have still been attending school. 

The display board outside of the main entrance has not yet been updated and we would like to do this on Friday.

We want to involve ALL of our Catchgate children for this display, and give them all an opportunity to be part of it. 

If your child would like to draw/paint a picture or if they have a piece of school work they are proud of, please bring it to school on your daily walk and it will be part of our new display. 

A gold 'postbox' will be placed outside of the main entrance between 9am-3pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week.

We would LOVE to be able to fill our display board with creations by all of our wonderful children of Catchgate Primary School. We are so proud of you all!   

Stay safe everyone. 🥰