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Our Curriculum

At Catchgate Primary School we want our curriculum to be full of opportunities for pupils to explore the world in which they live, developing curiosity and skills which can be used across a range of subjects. 


We want to provide real-life experiences to deepen and develop their interest and love for learning. We aim to stimulate their thinking, drawing upon first-hand experience as well as consideration and appreciation of the ideas, thoughts and achievements of others.


It is our aim to provide children with the skills to enable lifelong learning as well as the desire to pursue this whole-heartedly.


Our Curriculum

You can view or download our curriculum, class long term plans and overviews by clicking the link below.

Key Documents

All of our school policies can be found on the website but the most important ones for parents of children with SEND are listed below:

  • SEND Policy
  • Equality Policy, Statement and Objectives
  • Accessibility Plan
  • Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Medical Needs policy
  • Other relevant school policies


Please click on the link below to take you to the policy section.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

All pupils follow the National Curriculum at a level and a pace that is appropriate for them.  Our SEND philosophy places SEND children at the heart of personalised learning and our curriculum is tailored to the individual needs of pupils.  In order to provide the best possible opportunities for all pupils and to enable all pupils to reach their full potential,

Catchgate Primary School is committed to ensuring we offer:


  • a range of teaching and learning styles
  • differentiated learning materials;
  • access to ICT and Technology;
  • access to specialised equipment appropriate to needs;
  • additional in class support – individual or small group;
  • aditional out of class support – individual or small group;
  • flexible groupings;
  • access to specialised programmes based on individual need;
  • enrichment and enjoyment opportunities to stimulate and motivate learning;
  • an innovative and supportive curriculum;
  • a broad range of extra-curricular activities;
  • assessment procedures which carefully track progress enabling learning which is tailored to ability and need;
  • celebration of success and achievement;
  • application for access arrangements if required during national testing at Key Stage 2 e.g. extra time

School offers a range of strategies to support/develop Literacy including reading and Numeracy

  • Small group reading support in class through guided reading and individual reading
  • Additional small group literacy/numeracy support from Teaching assistant withdrawn and/or in class
  • Differentiated and multi-sensory activities
  • Provision of resources to enhance independent learning including table top packs, containing high frequency word mats and phonics sound mats, easy grip tools and multi sensory resources
  • Scaffolding e.g. writing frames, story maps
  • Use of interactive whiteboards
  • Regular access to computers, laptops and i Pads
  • Supportive computer programmes
  • Individual targets
  • Facilitating access to learning through adaptive teaching of tasks and activities
  • Extensive use of visual support
  • Provision of individual/visual timetables and checklists


School offers a range of strategies to enhance self esteem/promote emotional well being:


  • Collaboration and communication with all external professionals involved with children as appropriate e.g. GPs, CAMHS and external agencies.
  • Interventions following recommendations from outside agencies including; Talkabout programmes for Friendship, self-esteem and transition and We Eat Elephants
  • Educational psychologist works closely with referred children and their parents.
  • Open door policy for parents


Support/supervision at unstructured times of the day including personal care:

  • Trained midday meals supervisor in the lunch hall and playgrounds
  • Teaching Assistants initiating and supporting activities during lunchtime 
Click on the link below to return to the SEND Offer main page.

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