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Outdoor Provision

Outdoor Provision in 0-5 Childcare and Early Years.




Throughout the term we have been doing lots of outdoor exploring! The children really enjoy getting ready to go outside, trying to be independent by putting on their own shoes and coats and getting wrapped up for the cold weather outside! We have been going on walks every week, to explore the outdoors and the children have loved going outside and exploring the setting and further. This term we have even been on a trip to the park, which the children were very excited for and did not want to leave, so this is something that we will be carrying on with next term! The have also been joining in with the Early Years Forest School, where all of Early Years go out for the day and take part in lots of fun outdoor activities! Our last Forest School was focused on 'Den Building', we listened to our story 'The Gruffalo', and then went outside to build little dens for the big bad mouse, big dens for the Gruffalo and practised using tools safely, chopping sticks with saws and peeling sticks to build with. We had lots of fun and we are all very excited for our next Forest School!


Each week we will be continuing to explore more of our environment. Please keep checking for more updates.

Sand Castle Building!

As our Theme this term is, "At The Beach", we have been building sandcastles outside in a tuff spot today! We had a tuff spot filled with sand, buckets and spades and the children were very excited to get straight in and explore! The children filled the buckets up using the spades, or some of the younger children used their hands and tried really hard to build sandcastles! They did really well taking turns and sharing the resources and they even helped each other to build the sandcastles! 

Outdoor Climbing

Today we have been doing some climbing outside! We had crates, planks of woods and pipes set up outside for the cars to go up and down, but the children soon decided that they wanted to do some climbing their selves! So they pushed the crates close together, added a plank of wood for a bridge and began climbing up and walking along the plank very carefully! Even some of the smallest children joined in and were so brave, climbing onto the crates carefully and walking along the planks holding an adults hand. We had lots of fun climbing and were all able to ask for help if they were a little bit worried. 

Allotments- What is Growing?

We have been on a walk to the allotments today, to have a look around and see what else we could find that was growing. We saw lots of different animals, including; horses, donkeys, geese, ducks and chickens and saw different size animals which we thought were “babies” and their “mammies”. We also bumped into a lovely man in his allotment who showed us some eggs that his chickens had laid not long ago, we were fascinated to find out that chickens gave us eggs! We also saw lots of different vegetable patches, where the allotment owners were growing their very own vegetables and plants, just like our cress plants in Childcare!


Today we took part in the Early Years Forest School Day! We all joined together in Reception class, and listened to our favourite story, “The Gruffalo”, once we had finished listening to the story we all went outside to get into our different groups! We took part in lots of different outdoor activities, including building teeny tiny dens for the mouse in the story and great big dens for the Gruffalo! We also practised how to use a peeler safely, peeling the bark off wooden sticks and how to use a small saw, wearing gloves and sawing pieces of bamboo sticks up for our dens! We had lots of fun taking part in all of the different activities and being outdoors!

Vegetable Planting

Outside today we had a tuff spot full of compost, trowels, plant pots and different kinds of vegetables. We have been learning about growing over the past couple of weeks and have even planted our own plants and we are waiting for them to grow! Today, we pretended to plant some vegetables, filling the plant pots with mud and then adding the different vegetables to the pots! We really enjoyed doing this, pretending the vegetables were ready to be plucked, pretending they were different flowers and one of us even compared a planted broccoli to a tree!
Today we have been using vegetables outside to print with in the paint! We had different kinds of vegetables to make different marks, like carrots; cauliflower, broccoli and parsnip. The children enjoyed using something different to paint with and enjoyed seeing the different marks that they made with the different kinds of vegetables. We discussed how the prints from the vegetables were different sizes, or even created different shapes and patterns!
Today for the last day of term and after a week of learning about Easter, we had an Easter Egg Hunt outside! We sat and had a talk about Easter and the Easter Bunny and what he brings before we went outside and then I announced that the Easter Bunny had been to Childcare really early in the morning and had hidden lots of Easter Eggs outside for us! We were all very excited to go outside and find them! We went outside with a bucket and the children immediately began running around and looking for the special eggs that had been hidden! We found them in plant pots, in the sand pit, in mud and hiding in tricky places! Once we had found them all and filled the bucket full of eggs, we went inside and shared them out between everyone. We were very happy when we realised that the Easter Bunny had filled all of the little eggs with special chocolate treats! 
Today we have been for a walk to the park! This gave us practise at climbing up and down the stairs, which everyone did really well at on the yard! We all listened very carefully, making sure we held a friend's or an adults hand as we walked and we waited so patiently as Abby checked the park to make sure that it was safe! We then went off to explore, we climbed up the ladders to get to the slide; slid down the slide super fast, went on the swings, went on the round about and climbed onto the jeep. We sat on the jeep, taking turns to pretend to drive it as we all sand "The Wheels on the Bus", everyone joining in and having fun! We had such a lovely time and no one wanted to leave! 
Today we went on a walk to the allotments! Our new theme for this term is Farm Animals, so we had a walk to the allotments to see if we could hear or see any animals. We used our ears to listen very carefully to the sounds around us and the children soon started to shout out different sounds that they could hear. They had a guess at what animals could be making the sounds and then we had a look in the different allotments to try and find the animals. We loved seeing the chickens, geese and ducks, watching in amazement as they moved around and made different noises and we even tried to copy the noises they were making! We then got super excited when we saw some horses! There was a Shetland pony and a few big horses, the children compared the sizes of the animals and watched as the horse came up to the fence to say "Hello", they were a bit unsure at first, but once seeing the adult stroking the horse they all loved it! We had so much fun on our walk out and can't wait to go again! 
Today we have been outside in the snow, exploring! We got wrapped up and went for a walk, we walked up the little hill and decide to have some fun, sliding down it on our bums. We all had a turn at making snow angels too, lying in the snow and moving our arms and legs. We all explored the snow with our hands, even throwing snowballs and then someone thought of the idea of making a snowman, so Danielle started to roll some balls for the head and body. We then all thought of what our snowman needed; arms, eyes, carrot nose and a mouth and we wrapped him up in a hat and scarf! We called our snowman "Frosty". 

Gruffalo Hunt!

Today we have been on a Gruffalo Hunt outside! We hid the different characters from our favourite story, "The Gruffalo's Child" around the outdoors and the children got wrapped up in the cold and went searching for them! We had so much fun finding the different characters, running around and searching the environment for all of the pictures. We came back in very excited, telling the other adults all of the characters that they had found!
Today it snowed!! The children were so excited when they saw the snow falling, so we got our waterproofs and wellies on straight away and went out to explore the snow! They walked around the snow at first, watching as they left footprints in the lovely new snow. We then noticed our shadows because of the Winter sun, so we began talking about or Winter book "The Gruffalo's Child" and how the mouse pretends to be "the big bad mouse" by using his shadow to scare the Gruffalo's Child! We then started to use our fingers to mark-make in the snow, drawing our names and different shapes. The babies used resources such as a brush to rub marks into the snow, because the snow was a bit too cold for our little fingers! We had so much fun and even had a mini snow fight, poor Abby got covered!

Pouring and Filling

The children all love going outside and one of their favourite things to explore in is water, whether it be the older children or the babies! They had lots of fun exploring the bubbles, popping them with their hands as they splashed in the water and then enjoyed filling the cups and jugs, watching as they poured the water out. This promotes simple activity promotes language of 'empty', 'full' and 'more' and also shows how great children's imaginations are as they begin to make their friends cups of tea out of the water tray! 
Today we went for a nature walk outside to try and find some natural resources! We have been reading "The Gruffalo's Child" and in the book the children loved seeing the Gruffalo snowman, made by the big bad mouse! So we went out around the setting looking for some; twigs, stones, leaves and berries, all things that we could add to our snowman to make his face and arms! We loved walking around the woods and collecting the different things that we could find and were all very proud of ourselves for finding something! We can't wait to use these resources to make our own Gruffalo snowman in the setting! 
We have been exploring the outdoors a lot this term and the children have really enjoyed getting out more, getting wrapped up in waterproofs and getting messy! We have been going on walks a couple of times a week, exploring the outdoors, walking through the woods to find leaves and pine cones, splashing and jumping in muddy puddles, looking for the Gruffalo and we even had a trip to the park! We have also been getting very messy outdoors, mark-making in shaving foam, drawing snowmen, exploring cornflour and water and had lots of fun using different resources to make marks outside! We are looking forward to the snow so that we can explore Winter properly!

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