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Parent workshops and Theme days

Parents and carers workshops & Theme Days 



Welcome to our Parents and Carers workshop page.  This page will keep you updated on any Workshops, theme days and holidays that are coming up.

If you are unable to attend but do not want to miss out on the fun, please speak to a member of staff and we will be happy to provide you with resources to join in the fun at home.

*Please remember there is a small fee of £1 per person when attending workshops.*


Our next workshop is our Father's Day Workshop which will be taking place on Monday 17th June, at 2:00-3:00pm  parents will be able to come into the setting and join their child taking part in lots of fun activities! The workshop will take part at 2-3pm, we hope to see you all there!

Everyone is welcome!


Coming up in 2019!

  • Father's Day Workshop- Monday 17th June 2:00-3:00pm 
  • Stay and Play Workshop- Friday 6th September 2:00-3:00pm
  • Halloween Workshop- Friday 25th October 2:00-3:00pm
  • Christmas Workshop- Thursday 12th December 2:00-3:00pm 


Please take a look at our future up and coming Workshops where we invite you to our setting to enjoy a special activity set around our chosen Themes. 






Please take a look at our most recent workshops!

Today we had an Easter Workshop and had lots of fun taking part in lots of different Easter activities! Firstly, we made some delicious Chocolate Nest Cakes, mixing shredded wheat into melted chocolate, pouring it into cupcake cases and then adding some tiny mini eggs to the tops of our nests. We then decorated some little Easter Eggs, using felt tip pens, glue and glitter and stuck them all the way around a paper plate to make our own Easter Wreath! We then decorated our own hard boiled egg, painting them in some lovely colour and adding tissue paper and glitter! We also had some Easter Eggs to decorate with shredded paper, ribbon, pom-poms and jewels. We had lots of lovely Easter Eggs by the end of the day!
Today we had a Mother's Day Workshop! It was lovely to see parents and grandparents coming in to take part in the activities with the children! We painted some paper plate flowers, choosing different colours and even mixing them together! We also had a tuff spot filled with compost and different flower seeds, to plant our own little flowers for our Mammies. We then decorated our own plant pots for the flowers that we had planted, squeezing paint onto the bottom of them so it dripped down the sides, creating a beautiful effect! We also had some yummy shortbread biscuits to decorate, although most of the children preferred to eat them than decorate them! It was lovely to see everyone taking part in the different activities and creating lovely things to say "Thankyou" to our Mammies. 
Today we have had a Valentine's Day workshop! The children had lots of fun getting messy and feeling the love! We made some Valentine's sun catchers, using paper plates, contact paper, red and pink tissue paper and some sequin hearts! The children decorated the heart with the tissue paper, then we did some painting with celery sticks, which looked like love hearts! We also coloured in some Valentine's pictures to send home to our families! The children's favourite activity was decorating the heart shaped short bread biscuits that they had helped to make the day before, spreading pink icing all over and sprinkles, they enjoyed eating them even more! We had some red, glittery Valentine's themed playdough out to explore, a sensory tuff spot filled with lots of Valentine's goodies to try and pick up with tweezers and a special magnet and heart game! Thankyou to the parents who came!

Christmas Crafts Workshop

Today we have had our Christmas Crafts Workshop! We were very busy making lots of different Christmas crafts! We made Christmas trees, using paper plates that we folded into a cone and then painted them green, adding glitter, sequins and pom poms to decorate it! We also decorated some baubles with glue and glitter to take home and put on our own Christmas Trees! The children really enjoyed decorating some festive biscuits, we added green icing and midget gems to Christmas Tree biscuits and white icing with a marshmallow to make melted snowmen! The children all made a biscuit each, but they didn't get chance to take them home because they had already ate them all! 

Our Halloween workshop 31st October 2018

The children had lots of fun during our Halloween workshop and it was lovely to see some parents attending and taking part in the activities with their children! We decorated biscuits that we had made the day before with icing and googly eyes to make little monsters! We made spooky spiders with our black playdough that the children and also made, using pipe cleaners for legs and pom poms for eyes! We did some art and craft, decorating pumpkins and other Halloween pictures with glitter. We also explored the outdoors, scooping out pumpkins and had fun getting messy in a jelly bath full of spooky decorations! Thankyou to everyone who came!

Halloween Disco Friday 19th October 2018

Our Halloween Disco Friday 19th October 2018

The children all came into Childcare dressed up spooky and had lots of fun dancing and having a lovely party tea! We are all very excited for our Halloween workshop! (Wednesday 31st October 2018 2-3pm)

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