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P.E. and sport

Welcome to our sport and P.E. page

Intent Statement

Throughout Early Years there are opportunities for children to become more culturally aware using the immediate environment of home, school and local area.  Expectations, around pupils becoming effective communicators, are enhanced in school in partnership with increasing parental engagement.


Throughout Key Stage 1 there are opportunities for pupils to access outdoor learning, to develop existing skills from Early Years, within the Maths and English curriculum. The cultural diversity of the North East is explored and the vibrancy celebrated to develop respect amongst our young citizens to uphold British Values.


Throughout Key Stage 2 pupils’ life skills are further developed to show an understanding and demonstration of the attitudes needed to recognise their own and others, social, emotional and mental well-being. The varied and rich enhancements offered to pupils develop their range of vocabulary and debating skills around current affairs.


By the end of primary school pupils are confident and clear communicators who are able to articulate their views and opinions, in a range of situations, thus enabling them to become responsible citizens who enhance the community they live in.



In terms of the specific P.E. curriculum our intent is that: -

  • we celebrate the cultural capital intent above and offer pupils a variety of opportunities that P.E. offers through which they can develop a sense of personal achievement, fair play, teamwork and an understanding of the ways in which sport can transcend social and cultural boundaries
  • pupils have a range of experiences in sports beyond those typically offered within a school, for example, archery, badminton, golf and orienteering so that taster sessions of experiences may lead to new hobbies being formed and future champions enthused
  • Forest School activities use the outdoor environment, as a core learning area, to enhance pupil life skills; knowledge of the world around them; encourage respect and foster a ownership with the outdoor environment whilst offering wider opportunities to pupils to thrive and celebrate skills that some wouldn’t have in the classroom
  • a range of opportunities are available for pupils to participate competitively with other schools across the district which enables them to develop resilience, build confidence and team building
  • by the end of Year 6, pupils will have had the opportunity to earn a blue sport hoodie which celebrates their success in representing school on a range of teams and in festivals/competitions throughout KS2

PE Lessons

Catchgate Primary School has a rich history of sporting success. We take part in a wide range of inter school sports organised by both our local associations and the local School Sport Partnership. We aim to provide as many opportunities as possible for children to be active and experience as many new sporting activities as possible during curriculum time and as part of after school clubs. We provide an hour of high quality Physical Education in all classes across the school and are committed to ensuring that our staff are constantly developing their skills to do this.

We have a great team of staff who deliver PE lessons. Mr Shaw and Miss McGough teach PE with class teachers throughout the school. Mr Smith and Mr Simpson coach the boys football team. Mr Shaw and Miss McGough coach and run the girls football team. Mr Shaw and Miss McGough work with the gymnastics team and Mr Shaw the athletics teams. 


In our school we follow the Moving Together Durham scheme. This is a programme that encourages schools to ensure children are active as much as possible. Each class completes movement breaks throughout the day to help children to concentrate, release energy and feel more focussed in class. Movement breaks are very helpful for children's health and wellbeing. We see a huge difference in our pupils in lesson after they have took part in a short movement break. We try to have an active classroom as much as we can.  In our school we have a weekly award for our pupils that is given to children each Friday in collective worship to celebrate their performances throughout any activity in school which is active. This could be for swimming, excelling in a P.E lesson, doing great in a class movement break or great outdoor active learning. 


Competitive Sport

This year we reintroduced competitive sport in school.  We have worked with Annfield Plain Infants and Juniors to have a program of competitions and a wide range of sports such as: cross country, gymnastics festivals, dance and athletics. We will continue to do these competitions throughout this academic year, as it was a great experience for all of the pupils and it worked really well.

We took part in gymnastics, dance, cross country, multi skills, athletics and rounders competitions. We all thoroughly enjoyed this!


Football League

The football league is ran by Mr. Smith and Mr. Simpson. The football team has had great success in the past and this year finished mid table. They had great fun playing in the Derwentside football league, they all grew in confidence, skill, resilience and most of all had lots of fun. We are looking forward to starting the new academic year with more football.

Girls Football League

The Girls Football League is ran by Mr Shaw and Miss McGough. The girls have won all their games, which meant they won the league! The girls tried so hard week in week out, they trained every Friday night. Most of the girls had never played football before, so this was a new experience for them and they have excelled. The girls only conceded 2 goals in 10 games. They worked brilliantly as a team on and off the pitch. We are so proud of them. The girls then proceeded to go to the Durham Schools football finals in June. This was a great opportunity and the girl's thrived. They came 4th in the competition and they had a great time experiencing a higher level of competitive football. We look forward to reintroducing girls football in the new academic year to more pupils.

Cross Country

We have had a strong cross country team who were dedicated and trained for the upcoming races. They all tried really hard and it was some of the children's first time doing cross country, so this was an excellent experience for them. We did a fantastic job when the top five girls and boys from each class ran against top five girls and boys from Annfield plain school school, lot of Catchgate girls and boys won medals, Well done everyone.


Summer Term 

This half term we have been working on balls skills within Tennis and Cricket. We have also took part in a Quad kids event at our school against Annfield Plain school. The pupils practiced so hard each week in P.E and all performed exceptionally  on the day. The events they took part in were a long jump, a howler throw, a long run and a sprint. We have also been practicing rounders and 11 children from each KS2 class attended Annfield Plain park to play a game against their KS2 pupils. It was so much fun! 


P.E has been amazing this year. All of the pupils at Catchgate School have shown amazing skill, enthusiasm, resilience, team work and determination. We have achieved so much as a school from winning the girls football league to taking part in so many competitive events. We are so proud of all the children and aim to keep them happy and enjoy P.E.

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