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Remote Learning- School Closure- Please click!

Wednesday 7th September- School Closure


Due to unforeseen circumstances, school is closed today. We will be holding live teaching sessions as well as providing activities to support learning on your child's one note page and on here. Please keep an eye out for any upcoming teaching sessions and updated work.

To access work on one note, you can download the one note app and log in using your teams email address and password. 

Once logged in, on the left hand side there should be a folder called homework, inside this folder you will see the home learning tasks to complete.

To access live teaching, be sure to check the calendar on your child's teams app, on here you will see the links to the live teaching that you need to press at the time or on the general page on reception teams. 

We appreciate your continued support. Any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact us. Miss Burns and Miss Rodham x


Maths Job- Counting 

Can you carefully count objects around you? See how many you can count up to? Remember to carefully touch each item as you says its number then move on to the next item, counting them as you go. Make sure you do not miss any out! See how many items you can carefully count? Go on a hunt around the garden to find natural materials such as petals, leaves, grass and count them. You could even find things around your house to count too. Can you count 5, 10 or even 20 objects carefully? Send us some photos of you carefully counting objects around you.  


Literacy Job- Handa's Surprise 

Can you find the fruits that each animal takes from Handa's basket? Match them up. As a challenge can you order the animals in the order they come in the story of Handa's Surprise?  

Curriculum Job- Recycling 

With a grown up, research what this symbol means on the internet. Why do we have these symbols? Might where you find them? Have you seen one before? What do they mean? Get your grown up to write down what you find out and let us know! 

Tuesday 7th September- School Closure


Maths Job- Odd One Out

Children need to differentiate the objects and circle the odd one from each set.

To identify the odd one out you need to:

  • Look at the objects carefully
  • Describe the objects
  • Identify the similarities- what is the same?
  • Identify the one which is different or dissimilar 

Can you make your own groups outside using natural resources and find the odd one out?



Literacy Job- Handa's Surprise

We have been reading the journey story Handa's Surprise at school and the sequence of the story. Can you look at the pictures below from the storyboard attached from the story and retell each part to your grown up? Get your grown up to scribe your retell your story of Handas's Surprise.  


Curriculum Job- Recycling

Linking to our topic of 'Our Fragile Earth', we are going to be learning about rubbish, recycling, and protecting the environment by helping to remove litter from our local area. Can you go on a hunt around your garden and local area to see if you can spot any litter anywhere. Where is it? How did it get there? What can we do to help people stop littering? 

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