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Remote Learning

During lockdown, we will be offering remote learning each day for children to access learning at home. This will be a mixture of live lessons and shared video links/materials. All of these materials are accessed by logging in through the children's username and accessing the OneNote and Teams sections. 


We are finding it best if children are able to download the OneNote and Teams app, as they work slightly more stable that the online versions. If you don't have them, they can be downloaded from the below links: 





We have produced several user guides for OneNote and Teams, depending on the device you may be using. 

Please refer to them here:



We appreciate that, on occasions, accessing online learning can prove a frustrating experience. Please bear with us and if you do have any problems, please get in touch and we'll do our best to support you/fix any errors you may be having. 


School does have a limited number of devices which can be given out to help you ensure all of your children are able to get online. If you're finding that internet usage is slowing down a lot, or that you have several children trying to get online, we can also offer you a 30GB data card to help you get online. All you would need for this is an old (or new if you don't have one) mobile device that a SIM card can be inserted in. It is a very easy process for getting online from this point, using personal hotspot off the device. If you think this would benefit you, please ask us about their availability. 


The below guidance shows you what our teachers agreed to prior to this national lockdown about the sharing and delivery work: