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Rights Respecting Schools

Article of the month!

This month we have chosen Article 31 - rest, play, culture and arts as our article of the month. Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural an artistic activities.

Here are some examples as to why this right is important for our children:

In many countries there are unique ‘traditional games’ that are part of the local culture.

Sport can mean different things in different places and to different people; in some countries, chess is considered to be a sport!

Sport often features physical effort or skill.

Sport is one of many ways we can relax and play.

Many different sports mean there are options for everyone to get involved.

Some sports can be adapted for younger children.

A sport can be undertaken by one person, a pair or a bigger team of people.

Lots of people like to watch sport as a way to relax and should be open to us all to join in.

Rights Respecting Schools in the Autumn term!


Our school has a continued commitment to helping children learn about and understand their rights. Here are the individual rights we will be exploring across the school linking to our weekly themes. Please ask your children about these articles and speak with them about how they impact them at home too.


Whole School Theme

Article of the Week

Our Fragile World

Article 4 – making rights real

Keeping safe - online

Article 17 – access to information and media

Staying healthy - eating

Article 3 – best interests of the child

Educate and Celebrate

Article 2 – no discrimination

Black History Month

Article 41 – best law for children applies

Black History Month

Article 31 – rest, play, culture, arts

ADHD Awareness

Article 6 – life, survival and development

Staying Healthy – wellbeing and mental health

Article 26 – social and economic help

Looking after the environment

Article 8 - identity

Friendship Week

Article 13 – sharing thoughts freely

Keeping healthy – sport

Article 19 – protection from violence

National Tree Week

Article 5 – family guidance as children develop

Our Fragile World

Article 27 – food, clothing, a safe home

Christmas Celebrations

Article 14 – freedom of thought and religion

Christmas Celebrations

Article 29 – aims of education

Rights Respecting School Award

We are absolutely delighted to announce that in July 2019 we achieved Rights Respecting School Award Gold Level.  This is the highest level on the rights Respecting journey and we have achieved this in a very short time.   This is due to the enthusiasm and hard work of all pupils and their duty bearers. We are hoping to be able renew the award in 2022 and once again raising the profile of the award across our school!

Article 42 - Knowledge of rights - We believe that the children should be able to understand the rights that they have as a child in our care as a school community.

Rights Homework

We are working hard to ensure children know about and understand their rights and that rights are talked about in our school community. 


All children have been asked to explore their birthday right as part of their 100 point homework for the Autumn Term.  This involves finding out about the right that links to your birthday (article number).  If your birthday in on 4th of the month find out about article 4.  You can also find out about your families birthday rights too.


In the Spring Term 100 point homework, the children have been asked to explore a number of specific rights agreed with their class teacher and respond in a way that means something to them. 


The website link below has lots of information about each article that is child friendly.


Article 4 - Implementation of the convention - The children will have access to their rights and understand how they are used to keep them safe in our school community. 

Read the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Article 45 - Unicef can provide expert advice to adults and children to give assistance on children's rights.

Rights Respecting Gold Level Report

Steering Group

Our School Council act as part of our Rights Respecting Steering group along with School Governors, Mrs Schofield, Mr Coxon and Mrs Shaw.

Click on the link below to our School Council website page to have a look at the work we have already done.

Article 12 - Respect for views of the child - The council meetings will be minuted and shared with the rest of the school.

Contact Details and Useful Links