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Spring 1

Spring 1

Whole School Theme- Builders and Buildings


For each whole school theme, children will be completing a range of activities to support their learning linking to the driver of 'Builders and Buildings' within each subject. There will be cross-curricular links for children to access the curriculum whilst being taught the knowledge and skills relevant to their year group within history.


EYFS-How have things changed since I was a baby? 

Focus: Order images into a plausible chronological order,identify changes between me as a baby and myself now, identify similarities and differences between my now and the past


Year 1-History detectives – spot the differences! (Houses)  

NC Ref: changes  within living memory, places in locality   

Focus:  Use of primary sources, comparing to find similarity and difference, chronology, beginning to explain change and continuity.   


Year 2-All change? Structures – Buildings in Catchgate – mining heritage  

NC ref: Changes within living memory and beyond. Significant places in our own locality.  

Focus: Identifying and writing about change and its causes. Forming an interpretation, use of primary sources  


Year 3- Who were Britain’s first builders?    

NC ref:  Changes in Britain Stone Age to Iron Age   

Focus: building and technology in earliest settlements, key features of an era, chronology (sequence and duration) change over time, using artefacts as primary sources, awareness of representations.   


Year 4- What was daily life like for Romans? (Focus on Arbeia)  

NC ref: The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain  

Focus: Key features of a global empire, chronology (duration) similarity and difference of experiences within the period (rich/poor, men/women/child, slave/ free) use of primary sources – supported inference and lines of enquiry  


Year 5- Who was making history in faraway places in the year 1000?  (Mayan focus) 

NC ref: non-European society that provides contrast to British history  

Focus: Chronology – developing terminology of periods, contemporaneous developments, key features of a contrasting society and its development, similarity and difference to Britain in c.1000, use of primary sources, identification of key points in historical interpretations.  


Year 6- Can we choose Britain’s most important structure?  

NC Ref: Aspect or theme since 1066   

Focus: Chronological security – sequence and duration, key periods and their features, causation and consequences, use of primary sources to evaluate utility, producing own representations of the past.  

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