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Spring 2

Spring 2

Whole School Theme- Exploring Our Wonderful World


For each whole school theme, children will be completing a range of activities to support their learning linking to the driver of ' Exploring Our Wonderful World' within each subject. There will be cross-curricular links for children to access the curriculum whilst being taught the knowledge and skills relevant to their year group within history.


Each year group will have an enquiry based question to enhance their learning within history for each term, linking to our whole school theme of Exploring Our Wonderful World


EYFS- Why do we wear different clothes at different times of the year?  

Focus: sequences and chronology, understanding changes in seasons 


Year 1-The life of Captain Cook  

NC ref: Significant individuals in the past, local significant individuals   

Focus:  use of historical interpretations, chronology over a longer period, thinking about historical significance.   


Year 2-Fantastic Firsts: Discovery of North pole -Polar Explorer   

NC ref: events beyond living memory that are significant globally or nationally   

Focus:  Chronology over longer timeframe, comparing events, writing about significance.   


Year 3- How have the Greeks shaped my world?  

NC Ref: Ancient Greece; achievements and influence   

Focus:  Chronology (sequence and duration), key features and individuals of ancient civilisation, consequences, significance (legacy) use of primary sources, use of written interpretations.   


Year 4- What happened when the Romans left Britain?    

NC ref: Britain’s settlement by the Anglo Saxons and Scots   

Focus:  Key features of Anglo Saxon Britain (s/c/r/e), chronology (sequence and duration), consequences and significance. Use of information texts and historian’s interpretations.   


Year 5- Were the Vikings really vicious?  

NC Ref: The Viking and Anglo Saxon struggle for England to 1066  

Focus: Chronology and key features, making a supported judgement, use of primary sources to test an interpretation.   


Year 6-Famous explorers since 1066 

Has life got better for children in Britain?   

NC ref: Aspect or theme since 1066 (Changing life for children).   

Focus: Chronological security – sequence and duration, key periods and their features, causation and consequences, use of primary sources to evaluate utility, producing own representations of the past.  

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