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Welcome to the Butterfly Room


We hope you have had a lovely time off! We are kick starting the new half term by exploring our new topic 'Down on the Farm'. We will be exploring a variety of aspects such as which animals live on the farm, what jobs do we do on the farm, what food comes from the animals on the farm. We will be going on lovely walks down to the allotments to see which animals we can see and find there too. Our new topic story is 'Cows in the Kitchen' we are excited to learn our new story and the repetitive song that goes with it. 


If you have any questions and queries please don’t

hesitate to speak to any of the Butterfly Room staff!





In the Butterfly room, Shelley is the room lead and works in the room alongside Danielle, Abby and Kirsty. In the parent information board there is pictures of us so you are able to see who your child's keyworker is. 

If you have any queries or questions please don't hesitate to speak to one of us or drop Shelley an email at the address below! 

General information 


Session times are 8.45-11.45 and 12.15-3.15.  

If someone different is collecting your child please inform school as soon as possible and make sure the person collecting brings their I.D and knows the correct password please!  


You will have the opportunity to look at and contribute to your child's Learning Journey throughout the year and can ask to see this at anytime.


Each day your child will need to bring a named coat, bag and spare clothes. As the weather is becoming very changeable, we would really appreciate it if you could bring suitable clothes ready for any changes!  


We go outside whatever the weather so children need to be changed frequently.  Please ensure you send a named bag with plenty of spare clothes in, especially if your child is potty training.


If your child wears nappies or pull ups please send these AND wipes in a named bag each day.



Important Documents - what we are working on throughout Spring term 2

Week 2 - Playing and Exploring RR Article 28

Our trip to the Allotments - RR Article 30 


We had a lovely time visiting the animals at the local allotments, the children were very excited to see the horses, donkeys, chickens and shetland pony's. 

The animals were excited to see us too and a lot of them came over to meet us! The childen walked a long way and enjoyed splodging through the mud! 

Our new Air mat in P.E - RR Article 31

Exciting new Visitors -  RR Article 28 


We have recently recieved some frogspawn from our local pond and we are hoping to grown our very own frogs within the setting. The children were all very excited when we showed them this and have shown high levels of interest in learning all about our new visitors. Keep posted on here as we will be regulary updating the growth of our new pets! 

Valentine/ Mid-term report sharing workshop - RR Article 31 


We would like to say a big thank you to all parents and carers who attended our Valentine/mid-term report sharing workshop, we had a lovely time with you all and really appreciate the support. 

Valentine/mid-term report sharing workshop - RR Article 31

Weekly P.E Sessions - RR Article 28


Most of the children take part in P.E Sessions at least once or twice a week, they are a fundemental part of children's development. We feel these sessions not only help children physically but they also help emotionally and socially. The children generally build thier confidence over time and it is lovely to see them flourish. 

Exploring our Outdoors - RR Article 31

Our First week back in the Butterfly Room - RR Article 31


We have really enjoyed our first week exloring and re-joining our setting after the Christmas break. The older childen have been really kind and caring, helping us settle our new Butterlies in. 

Dates for the Diary!



Friday 20th March - Mother's day workshop 

All parents and carers are welcome to attend our Mother's Day Workshop. 


W.C Monday 30th March - Enterprise week


Thursday 2nd April - Easter Fair


Friday 2nd April - Last day of term

Wear blue for Autism day


Monday 20th April - Children return to school  














Our visit to Believe & Be - RRSA 31


We really enjoyed our recent visit to the roleplay cafe, Believe & Be. We have been very excited to go and couldnt wait to get onto the bus! After a short journey there, we all enjoyed playing throughout the roleplay rooms and using our imaginations! Take a look at some of the photos of our visit... 

Catchgate Park 


We really enjoyed a lovely trip to Catchgate park, we played on the swings, went down the slide, used our imagination beautifully in the car and loved getting ourselves dizzy on the roundabout. 


Our Visit to the Book Bus (RR Article 31)

Our P.E Sessions (RR Article 31) 


During our P.E Sessions we have been fortunate enough to experience a coach leading and we have really enjoyed learning all about the different ways to move around using our bodies. 

Our Super Hero Theme Day (RR Article 31)

Diwali Day in Early Years (RR Article 18) 


On Friday 18th October, we all joined together in Early Years and celebrated Diwali Day! We all took part in a variety of activities such as stained glass windows, colouring in, Rangoli patterns and making Indian sweets! 

Forest School Day - Autumn theme (RR Article 31)


On Friday 27th September we took part in our Early Years Forest School day! We started the session off with a video all about the season, Autumn. We talked about the changes in the weather and environment around us and we all had different views about Autumn. We took part in a lot of different activities such as leaf collage, bark rubbing, treasure hunt, blackberry picking, forest walks and leaf prints! We were very busy and we didn't stop all day! On the afternoon we cooked using the blackberries we had collected and reception made a lovely crumble for us to eat at snack time!

We really enjoyed the day and can't wait for the next Forest School Day!

How you can help at home (Article 18)


There are lots of things that you can do at home to support your child at home. 

Singing is such an important part of Early Years education, it supports speech, language, mathematical awareness and early reading. 

We do encourage all children to use words instead of actions to make their wants and needs known.  It is helpful if you continue this at home by encouraging talk and extending vocabulary for example if your child says "car" you could extend this by saying "yes, it's a big, red car".

When out shopping  you could encourage your child to create their own shopping list. This list might be a lot of marks on paper but to your child it will be exactly what they say it is. Encourage your child to remember what they wanted to put on there " have we got everything on your list?"


If you would like to find out more about how you can help at home please speak to your child's key person.





Thank you for your support 


The Butterfly Room

If you have any questions about The Butterfly room provision please send Shelley Nicholson an email.