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What our parents say!


Would have no problems in approaching any staff.

So nice to see all the staff settled and integrated into one team.  

The staff in Jude's room are all friendly and approachable, staff keep me informed of ll that matters with Jude.  The staff are great and I recommend the setting to others.  I feel happy leaving Jude under their care.

Always informed of Shays progress and learning journals are a brill idea so you can look back.

Bright and fun area for the children, using the children's photos to give them a sense of belonging.

What a difference in 4 years!  It's hard to remember what it was like in 2009!

My child really loves the adults he works with and has made a strong attachment with his key worker.   

Meals are well balanced;  staff are always caring, interested and enthusiastic about the welfare and development of my child.

I am extremely happy with the service provided.  Jorgie's needs are met well and she looks forward to going.

No problems, happy with everything so relaxed when I go to work.  If there is any problems staff would ring me.

I love the setting, Harry loves the setting, I love the staff and the other children.  The little friendships are so sweet!  All the children of all ages get on well together they are like a proper little family.

He settled in so well and quickly.  He adapted well to being there full-time and got to know both adults and children really well.

Patrick loves 'little nursery' and it enabled him to gain confidence with being in school and has provided a consistent environment for them through nursery, reception and year 1.

Jude loves coming to nursery and really enjoys playing with his friends and all the wide variety of resources Jude has a great relationship with all the nursery nurses and they provide a stable, comfortable and nurturing environment.

Fantastic and friendly staff over the years, always being happy to help with problems we may have had.

Overall I am very happy with the childcare setting.  Harry seems to have settled in well and staff are always very friendly and approachable.

Jude came along and done lots of crafts with his Mammy, Daddy, Aunty and his Grandparents.  His Grandma said, "Good morning, staff worked very hard and Jude had lots of fun.  It was great to see and be able to share his nursery experience with his family"

Hollie came to join the fun with her Mammy and Grandma, Hollies Mammy said, "I found it really good seeing Hollie involved in getting messy, really good day thank you!"

Jasmine and her Mammy enjoyed doing some valentines crafts and even braved the winds to go on the heart hunt!  Jasmines Mammy said, "Another lovely morning, it's nice for Jasmine to be able to share her environment with her Mammy.  I love to see the relationship with the carers and how confident she is in her setting.  These sessions are always exceptionally well thought out and well organised.  The girls deserve a well-earned pat on the back!"

Erin and her Mammy came along to our valentines Saturday morning, Erin's Mammy said, "It is lovely to see all the staff and complete some fun activities with Erin.  As I work all week this is great, excellent day!"