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Year 3

Year 3 At Home Challenges


I have uploaded some challenges for you all to complete at home with your families. I hope you enjoy them. It would be good to see any that you complete by sending them over to us on FreeFlow. 

Thursday 16th July

For English today year 3 will be writing a journey story. Using the image below of the sinking boat children should write a story with either this image being the beginning of the story or the obstacle the MC has to overcome.


I have added some questions you could answer to help you write your story.


  • How many animals can you see on the ark? How many animals can you see in the water?
  • List the animals you can see.
  • What has happened here?
  • Why is the boat sinking?
  • Why were the animals (and the man) on the boat in the first place?


Criteria of a journey story:

MC goes on a journey 

Something small goes wrong 

Something worse happens 

Something even worse happens 

The obstacles are overcome 

MC gets there in the end 



Remember to FreeFlow your work!

English 16th

Maths 16th July

Today in maths year 3 will be working out the fractions of amounts. 


Children will need to remember to look closely at the numerator to find the amount of objects. 


  1               3               4       <---- Numerator

 ---     +      ---     =      ---   

  5               5              5       <----- Denominator


Any work that is completed can be FreeFlowed to me!




Maths 16th July

Sumdog w/b 13th July
This week in maths I would like children to use Sumdog. Sumdog is an online programme that children can use on tablet or desktop it allows children to enjoy personalised maths & spelling practice. Children can play multiplayer games with their friends.


I have set work for the week for children to complete which will be live from 9:00 am .


School code Sumdog: catchgate2


Please send me any work or questions you have over Freeflow!



Science: Design Your Own Planet

Daily maths lesson on White Rose

White Rose are offering a daily maths lesson on their website.


At 10am go to


Choose your year group


Watch the video


Try the questions.

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