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Year 3

Year 3 At Home Challenges


I have uploaded some challenges for you all to complete at home with your families. I hope you enjoy them. It would be good to see any that you complete by sending them over to us on FreeFlow. 

Friday 10th July

For English today year 3 will be planning their own fear tale. Today I would like children to draw a text map for their own fear tale.


Below are things that need to be included in a fear tale make sure all these things are included in their text map.


MC is afraid of something and is worried about it/gets teased about it 

MC starts to do something 

What MC fears actually happens 

MC overcomes the fear 

MC has conquered the fear/reflects/looks to the future 

Group Objectives: 

Uses texts similar to those that they are planning to write, to understand and learn from its structure 

Begins to understand subordinate clauses 

Uses a range of punctuation accurately and effectively – including apostrophe for singular possession and inverted commas for direct speech 

Uses the present perfect form of verbs instead of the simple past 

Assesses the effectiveness of own and others’ writing 


Remember to FreeFlow your work!

Maths 10th July

Today in maths year 3 will need to use bar models to help them solve calculations and problems.


The video below helps explain the bar method.


Any work that is completed can be FreeFlowed to me!




Maths Friday 10th July

Sumdog w/b 6th July
This week in maths I would like children to use Sumdog. Sumdog is an online programme that children can use on tablet or desktop it allows children to enjoy personalised maths & spelling practice. Children can play multiplayer games with their friends.


I have set work for the week for children to complete which will be live from 9:00 am .


School code Sumdog: catchgate2


Please send me any work or questions you have over Freeflow!



Science: Design Your Own Planet

Daily maths lesson on White Rose

White Rose are offering a daily maths lesson on their website.


At 10am go to


Choose your year group


Watch the video


Try the questions.