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WORLD BEE DAY 20.05.20

World Bee Day is celebrated on May 20 each year. The purpose of the international day is to acknowledge the role of bees and other pollinators for the ecosystem.

Every year on this day, the global public will focus on the importance of preserving honey bees and all other pollinators. People will be reminded of the significance of bees in providing for the needs of humanity.


Using the link above can you find out 5 fact about bees?

Spellings: Use Spellingframe rule 20 activities and games and watch video (Link at bottom of spelling list sheet)

This week's spelling activities are from Rule 11 Spelling Frame. Follow the link below:

Don't forget to read everyday this is very important.

Also logon to Reading Plus regularly. I will be checking regularly to give awards and check progress.

White Rose Maths

You can visit website below for extra Maths activities for Y4

Follow the link below for daily mental challenges




Log on to the site link below, choose your favourite team and play against the premiership players these FUN  Maths and Spelling games. they are for all abilities-see how far you can go!


Watch the BBC Bitesize videos and the try the quiz on the links below

Coasts Quiz

Watch  video to help complete activity

Watch this video and then try the quiz

Computer Science

Follow the link belowand click on activities to use VEXcode.

VEXcode VR lets you code a virtual robot using a block based coding environment powered by Scratch Blocks.

R.E. What is the best way for a Buddhist to lead a good life?


Follow the link below to join in with Bubble Gum Rap and try out the activities suggested below the video.

Daily At Home Challenges

Click on  Homework Page for Picture News Link and the activities for this week.


Follow links on Homework Page for weekly Spanish Lessons