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Year 6

Spellings - Words ending in 'tious' or 'cious'. The link is below to get to spelling frame where there is a free game daily as well as always been able to access the learning games. We often use these word endings to change nouns into adjectives.


English - Today your task is to write a draft of your innovated newspaper report. This should be based on your text map form Monday. It should still be similar to my newspaper report from last week but with your own small adaptations. Think about the layout for a newspaper and try to use the features you have looked at the last week such as the passive voice and relative clauses.


Please send me your work on Freeflow so that I can give you some feedback. 


Maths - We are going to continue with rounding again today. Like yesterday, make sure you pay attention to what you are rounding the numbers to. If you are unsure there is an example and guide on the first page attached. 


As always send any work complete or incomplete on to Freeflow and I will give you some feedback as soon as possible. 



One thing that I would like you to make sure you are still doing is reading. I would like you to write me a review of a book you've read THIS WEEK.

If you want to try something different go to (link below) and instead of reading a book listen to someone else read it to you. Audible are offering loads of books FREE with NO SUBSCRIPTION needed. I would recommend looking in the 'elementary' or 'tween' section.

If you are one of the children who has access to Reading Plus then please continue to use this as well!

Week Beginning 30/3/20

Science - 




All work completed and still bored?

If you have completed these tasks you could also look at the homework task sheet sent at the beginning of this term for ideas of other activities that link to the work we are doing. I have also attached another document of general activities you could do to keep yourselves busy during this period.