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Young Carers


What is a Young Carer?


A young person under 18 years of age who helps to look after a family member who is disabled, physically or mentally ill or has a substance misuse problem. Caring can involve physical or emotional care, or being responsible for someone’s safety and wellbeing. The level of responsibility assumed by a young carer is often inappropriate to their age and beyond the level of simply helping out at home as part of the process of growing up.

Currently, as of March 2023, we have 7 Young Carer's and this will increase in our next school year. 


Young Carers might experience:

  • Being late or absent because of responsibilities at home
  • Concentration problems, anxiety or worry in school
  • Emotional distress
  • Tiredness in school
  • Lack of time for homework
  • Poor attainment
  • Becoming angry or frustrated
  • Isolation-feeling no-one understands
  • Bullying
  • Low self-esteem


Therefore, it is extremely important that we support our Young Carers in any way that they may need.

Young Carers Lead

 Lynn, our school counsellor, is our Young Carers lead and she directly supports our group of Young Carers. They meet weekly on a Wednesday morning  and do all sorts of fun activities. There is also time set aside in case a Young Carer needs to talk in confidence. If you think you or anyone you know is a Young Carer at Catchgate School please speak to Lynn or Mrs Shaw, who can help.

To show our appreciation to our Young Carers and as a thank you for all they do at school ,and at home, we like to treat them in school or take them out to different places throughout the year.

We have had Christmas parties, Easter Egg hunts, Young Carer's Action Day competition morning, Plank challenges, picnic's, chalk drawings outside, nature trails, arts, crafts, putting up displays and much much more!

Responsibility free time in school is very important and vital to our Young Carers as it allows them to simply be the children they are. 


*Our Young Carer's have collectively decided that they do not wish to have any photos of themselves on this website or on our Young Carer's display in school.*



Research project

We had the amazing opportunity to be part of a research study about young people looking after someone at home. We welcomed 2 lovely ladies into our school on the 10th November 2021 from the London School of Economics and our Young Carer's spent the day chatting about what they do at home, outside of home and how they could be better supported. They were amazing!

As a 'Thank you' each child who participated received a £10 amazon voucher which they thoroughly enjoyed spending!

The findings were delivered on the 15th March 2023 and we were delighted that some of the quotes our children gave were mentioned in the Best Practice part of the feedback. Our Young Carer's are AMAZING smiley.



LSE University Young Carers Focus Group

Young Carers Policy 

Young Carer's Policy 2023

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