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At Catchgate we are taking part in the Primary Benchmarks Career Pilot where we can focus on raising children’s career aspirations. We want children to have a range of opportunities with different employers, workplaces, higher and further education providers and real-life career links to the curriculum. We offer a range of opportunities which will enable all of our children to move into Secondary Education with high expectations for their career pathways, which we share with parents throughout their time with us.

Take a look at some ideas of careers learning which will take part each year. There will also be lots of opportunities for you to visit lots of different places of work too!



Careers learning is linked closely to topics we deliver as well as children’s interests. We ensure that children have interactions with a range of careers throughout their time in Early Years, both in their local community and wider world.

Year 1 

Our special people workshop

People who help us

Natwest money sense

School nurse healthy living and her role


Year 2 

Our special people workshop

People who help us

Environment link Northumbrian water

Chef what makes a good diet

Year 3 


Power grid



Visit to the food bank

Year 4 

Vicar other faiths


Natwest money sense


Year 5 

Students to share experiences of uni

Nurse smoking

Local councillor


Year 6 

Apprentice chat from Shona


Visit to local 6th form

Visit to local comp NDA to look at their facilities

Uni visit

Natwest money sense - budgeting support



Take a look at all of the exciting things we have been busy doing when learning all about careers and career pathways....

Nursery learnt how to be a librarian when they visited the library

Insert Gallery


Reception learnt all about the roles of everyone on a building site

Insert Gallery


Mollie the Veterinary Nurse came to talk to Nursery about her role at the vets

Insert Gallery


Year 4 found out all about University life when they had a teaching student in their class

Insert Gallery


Year 5 enjoyed exploring life at University

Insert Gallery


Chris Cooke an Olympic Gold Medal Winner came to talk to everyone about dreaming big!

Insert Gallery


Take a look at the career and career pathway opportunities you will have in your classes.



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