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Welcome to Nursery!


Hello everyone! Welcome to our Nursery. My name is Miss Little and I am delighted to be your nursery teacher for this year.  laugh

I am so excited for all of the fun learning that we have ahead of us this year, especially as most of our learning will now take place outdoors! So many of you have purchased our new school uniform and you look fantastic in it! I am already so proud of you all heart

Helping us in Nursery this term will be Mrs Steadman. Mrs Steadman has fantastic Forest School and outdoor knowledge and she is going to deliver some great Forest School activities. Feel free to ask her questions, she is always happy to help! Mrs Scott and Mrs Skit are also with us supporting our children, they are both a great help and very friendly, they are helping out with lots of interventions, small group work and helping to prepare our children for reception. Say hi, I am sure it will make our day! 

Click on the Autumn 1 star below for extra information that you will find useful, thank you! We all look forward to working with you this year, yes

Miss Emma Little x 

Spring 1- First visit to the Library 

On Monday Nursery had their first visit to the Library, we walked along in 2 groups and held our partners hand the whole way! When we arrived we all couldn't believe the amount of stories that we could choose from and before long we were all sat and engaged reading a new story. Miss Little and our teachers were SO proud of how we behaved and looked after the stories, we showed how sensible we are for 3 and 4 years olds and and tidied up the Library for the rest of the public to enjoy. We can't wait to read more books next week and throughout the year! laugh

Autumn 2- Tree Decorating

What could be more festive than decorating a Christmas Tree! We thought carefully about where to place our decorations and we listened to Christmas songs as we went angel

Autumn 2- Fire Service

We were so lucky to have a visit from the Fire Service! They came and talked to all of EYFS about staying safe, reporting fires, how and when to ring the fire service and how to prevent a fire, it was so interesting and helpful! The firemen even let us have a go of the hose and a sit in the fire truck! A great day of fun! heart

Autumn 2- Shop visit during Friendship week! 

This week has been Friendship week at Nursery. We were so shocked when we all arrived at Nursery to see that Felicity had left us a note and lots of 20p coins! Our job was to go our local shop and each spend 20p on some sweets that we had to give to a friend! Felicity made sure that we knew that it was so important for us to talk bravely to the shopkeeper and use our magic manners! Nursery showed impeccable behaviour and such fun was had by all as we learned the importance of giving gifts to others! 🧚🏻‍♀️

Autumn 2- Feeding the horses and allotment exploring!

What a wonderful Autumn morning we had exploring the allotments next to our school! We had to think very carefully how to be careful around the horses and how to feed them carrots with safe hands. All of our Nursery used quiet voices so not to scare the horses and our teachers were so proud of how sensible we were. 🐴 Along the way we peeked through different fences to see geese, chickens and dogs! We used our listening ears along the way to predict what animals we could hear! 

Autumn 2- Diwali Colour Parade

We have loved learning all about the Diwali Festival of Light. We had a visit from Felicity the Fairy in Nursery, she left us a letter saying that she wants us to go and look for her in our local area! We decided to use all of our knowledge of colours from Diwali to create some colour streamers and head out and see if we could spot her! We loved matching our colour streamers to different things in the environment! Miss Little was very impressed with how well we stayed with our partners for safety! heart

Autumn 1- Happy Halloween! devil

The children have loved learning all about Halloween! We have made spider biscuits, danced at a spooky disco, carved and hollowed pumpkins, counted seeds and enjoyed dressing up and lots of spooky sensory play! Look at all of the great fun we had, Oscar told Miss Little, 'this is the best scary day ever'! 

We have been strengthening our legs and arms by also walking through some creepy spider webs left by the giant spider in the Forest! It was really tricky for us little Nursery boys and girls! 

Autumn 1- Fun Run! 

We had a fantastic time doing our Fun Run to raise money for our whole school project for the bin we are creating! Everyone in Nursery tried so hard to run as fast as they could and also not stop the whole way round! (this can be very hard when you only have little legs). We were also so proud of Nursery for cheering other boys and girls in the school and saying a big 'WELL DONE', when they had finished! yes

Autumn 1- Trip to the park 

We loved going on a trip to the park and exploring our local area. We all walked sensibly and carefully to arrive at our destination. When we arrived we looked at some of the litter that had been left on the ground, we knew that this was such a sad choice from some people who had been to the lovely park. We discussed where we should put rubbish and how we can make good choices! As a treat for working so hard we had a great time playing in the park! laugh


Autumn 1- Planetarium 

"Wow Miss Little look at all dem stars!" Oscar said with eagerness and glee in his voice. The children absolutely loved the planetarium that came into school this week and the look on their faces on these photos just say it all. Entering a world of wonder and curiosity the children watched Moon Man Dan on a Space adventure and they were hooked instantly. Jack entered Nusery the next morning and said, "Miss Little are the stars in Nursery today!!" A great experience had by all! angel

Autumn 2021- First week in Nursery

We have had a great first week in Nursery! We have loved transitioning to mostly outdoor learning and have had some amazing fun. The aliens have visited us this week and we have loved searching our grounds to see if we could find them! Take a look at some of the fun we have had! 


Miss Little

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