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Welcome to Nursery!


Hello everyone! Welcome to our nursery. My name is Miss Little and I am delighted to be your nursery teacher for this year smiley

Helping us in Nursery this term will be Abby. We are all here to help and support you and we can't wait for a year full of fun activities and lots of exciting learning. I am sure we will have a fantastic year yes


A few reminders

Nursery sessions run from 8:45-11:45 AM and 12:15-3:15 PM

(Please see our newsletter below for information on pick up and collection under the new COVID 19 guidelines)

Please label all clothes- including PE kits (PE kits can be purchased from the school office, or children can wear; black or navy PE shorts, red t-shirt and black plimsolls), uniform (red jumper, black or grey trousers, white polo top and black shoes- no laces please because we try and dress ourselves and laces are too tricky for our age) 

Please don't bring any toys into Nursery

Please always bring a bag with spare clothes in- sometimes we get very messy!

Hair up and no jewellery to keep us safe.

You can bring a water bottle to school- but please only water in this.

If your child is accessing 30 hour provision- then please send in a healthy pack lunch.




Hello everyone and welcome back, we all hope that you have had a lovely Christmas break laugh


Please read our new newsletter in the Spring 1 section below for some key information changes. Miss Little smiley

Remote Learning

Due to COVID 19 many of us are not in Nursery at the moment crying We really are missing you all but we appreciate your decision to keep yourself and your little ones as safe as possible! 

However, it is still super important that if you are at home that you complete work that is set from home and attend our live teaching lesson, me and Abby can't wait to see you all online!! 


I have attached information about our new way of home teaching as we are no longer using FreeFlow for remote learning or homework. 


Scroll to the bottom and get in touch via the comments box if you need my assistance, as I always tell you, I am here to help and support you! Stay safe everyone yes

Instructions for One Note and live teaching sessions during COVID 19 lockdown

I challenge you not to look at these pictures and not smile! Look at how much fun we had on our snowy day at Nursery. The children who are attending our Nursery loved going outside and learning all about winter. We talked about the snow, what the temperature is like, which countries get snow the most and all of the activities we can do in the snow. Our favourite thing to do was lying down and making snow angels, thank goodness Miss Little and Abby remembered to put on our waterproofs and wellies!! angel
We had a fantastic day celebrating Remembrance Day. We made poppy biscuits, poppy wands and took part in many more activities. We had a 2 minute silence to remember our brave soldiers and we now know all about the importance of Remembrance Day smiley
On Friday 13th November we celebrated Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Light. Take a look at some of the lovely activities that we took part in. We had such an exciting day finished with some chocolate milk around candles! Happy Diwali everyone heart
In Nursery we love learning, playing and exploring outdoors! In the first few weeks at school we have spent so much time in our outdoor area yes
Look below to see how much fun we had during the rainy weather! We got all of our waterproofs on and headed outside. We squeezed lemons in the water tray for super strong fingers, we made HUGE bubbles and we splashed and jumps in the puddles. Our huge smiles say it all laugh

Miss Little

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