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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Roman Shields

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In year three we made and designed our own Roman shields. we used cardboard for our shield and handles and designed the front by looking at other shields for inspiration.

How Rotten Were the Romans?

In Spring 1 this term we will be looking at the Romans. We will look at their role in Britain and how they came to these shores and the battles they fought with the native Celts.


This term we will be using the class book of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe to help us with our writing.



Can You Dig It


In Autumn 2 this term we are looking at the Stone Age and the formation of fossils.


This term we will be studying the different rocks that we have and how fossils are formed. in art we will recreate cave paintings and do this in many different mediums.

What would the skeleton of a Yeti look like?
Our topic in year 3 is 'What would the skeleton of a Yeti look like?'. This is a science based topic looking at the different skeletons in animals and humans, especially its mains functions for those animals. 


Our class book for this term is 'The Abominables' and we will be looking at different places around the world linked to the story.

P.E & Swimming
Year 3S' P.E. is on a Wednesday and Thursday and they go swimming on a Wednesday morning.  It is important that children have their full P.E and swimming kit on these days. Please make sure all sports kits are named to avoid any confusion in the changing rooms.

There will be an opportunity for children in year 3 to read everyday. It is therefore essential that children bring their reading books and diaries with them every day to help track their progress.

Everybody in Year 3 will be given a list of  spellings each week based on the spelling rule they have been learning, as well as some common exception words. 
The children will be tested on 5 of these words, chosen at random, and then will be expected to spell some of the other words correctly as part of a given sentence. This will help the children to understand how these spellings can be used correctly in writing. 



This year everyone will receive two pieces of homework a week, one literacy the other maths based, over the course of 10 weeks each term. Both will be based on work we have completed in the class and in lessons. 





Mr Simpson

If you have any questions or queries you contact me here by email